How to Block access to Adult Websites on Computer

Block Access Adult WebsitesThere are millions of websites which are not family friendly and should not be viewed by kids but with the accessibility to the Internet becoming more easy, children can access adult websites with inappropriate content with just a search on major search engines. Just search in a search engine with a keyword and you can get access to any adult website for free without the need of any authentication. This is a very big problem for parents who want to make sure that their children access to only family friendly websites and not any wrong sites and the best solution for this is to Block Adult Content

We had earlier written a article on Setup Parental Controls in Mac OS X which specifically works only on Mac based computers but in this article we will give you a tip which works on any platform. To get started you should sign-up for a Basic account with OpenDNS which is free with limited features which are decent enough for most users.

Under the Settings you will find that OpenDNS would automatically find your IP Address and report it to you. Click on Add this Network button to be added to the network and make OpenDNS identify your computer. You will be asked to give a friendly name to your network, which you can assign to anything like ‘Home Computer’. Select the option of dynamic IP address if your IP address regularly changes which is possible for most Internet services. Next you will be asked to download a OpenDNS Updater application to your computer and install it.

Signin OpenDNS Updater

Once you logged into your account the application will run in the background and link to the Dynamic IP you have registered. On the OpenDNS account dashboard under the Network Settings you will have to select your IP which you had registered. Here under the option ‘Web Content Filtering’ you will find five different levels of filtering which is based on the type of security you want to be set on your computer. By default the settings are set to None which you need to move to atleast Low to make sure that anyone accessing your computer would not be able to access pornography related websites.

Web Content Filtering Levels

Under the OpenDNS Updater application you need to click on ‘Change network’ and select the Network which you had set on the website and then the IP would be registered and filters activated enabling you the highest security. If you are a Apple iPad owner then check out the Parental Controls in Apple iPad to setup restrictions.

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  1. Thanks for this great write-up of OpenDNS. While there are some great OS-based options, OpenDNS protects every device on your network — including video game consoles. We think it’s one of the reasons why it’s a great option for parents.

    For parents who don’t need any customization options and just want to block adult content, we recently released a service called FamilyShield ( , which is super easy to set up.

    Thanks again!

  2. the core problem lies in this is:
    when blocked websites are acesses it shows message blocked by Open DNS,,,
    moreover a bit googling shows how to change dns … trick is better else opt for windows live family safety filter….

  3. This is agood article here. I will certanly be able to protect my kids with this info.

  4. This is good man finally some way to remove adult sites

  5. This is nice article

  6. This is actually a really good way to implement content filters without installing software on the PC to block. OpenDNS is one of my favorite DNS programs, and you can get better browsing speeds too.

  7. Thanks man would surely apply it such searches have been a problem to surfing on net when something suddenly pops up and you are shocked

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