I am the mother of a son, who is in his early teenage. I have no problem with my son, except one. He is addicted to the sites which are not meant for the children of his age. He has made himself the member of sites like Orkut and MySpace and spends most of his time in chatting with friends on those sites.

I know that these sites allow only the people above eighteen to join. I have repeatedly told this to my son, but he never listens to me. One of my colleagues told me that blocking the sites can stop my son from the habit of chatting. But she couldn’t tell me anything about the way of blocking. Can you help me out?

Can I Do the Job of Blocking the Sites Myself?
You are not the only mother who is writing to me. I know that you are not worried only because your child is wasting his valuable time. Your major reason of concern must the interaction of your son with complete strangers. I am trying to help you out to get rid of all your worries. But before blocking those sites you have to follow some important steps.

Try to teach your children the ill effect of sharing information to strangers. If he doesn’t listen, then regularly check the friend list and message books of your son. If you find that your son is interacting with people who are much elder than him or are a bit suspicious, then the only way left to keep your child away from this addiction is blocking the sites.

How to Block the Sites?
Go to the Start menu and click on Run.

Secure Child System Parents

Type the text, notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, on your Run Box and click OK.

Run Sample Hosts Parental Lock

Go to the last line of that notepad file and press the enter key. Then type the following: orkut.com myspace.com
Save it on the notepad and exit the file. The job is finished. None of the above sites will open on your son’s computer. You can block all sites which you don’t want your son to visit, using the above process. If you want to again make those sites accessible then follow the same steps and delete the lines you had typed. You will again be able to open those sites. I think this technique is not appearing as a too hard one to you. So practice this and make your son stay away from this addiction.

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