Last week one of my friends signed up for one AOL account.

Aol Account CancelHe had no need of this, the signing up was only for experimenting the process. He made the decision by himself, but now he is having now he is facing some problems and he wants to shut down his account. Although he performed the signing up act by his own, he is not aware of the process of shutting down the account. I am also not aware of the process, so can anybody help us out to solve the problem.

How to Start the Process of Canceling?
The process of canceling the AOL account is not very lengthy, but sometimes it does not work properly. You will not get any service for canceling the account on your Help menu. I also had problems in canceling my account, I started the process by logging into the AOL account.

Aol Account Cancel Signin

Then select the AOL service. The next step automatically will be trying the Keyword ‘quit’ or ‘cancel’. If you enter the keyword ‘cancel’ you will receive a pop up having the message ‘not available’. The keyword will provide you the access to the entire web. I did not succeed in this venture.

Next I tried to use the Chat with Us Section of the ‘help’ column. The chat with us section is also of no use regarding this aspect. The only option left after this, is calling them directly, and asking them to cancel my account. This option may appear very easy to you, but the gift of gab of the help desk executives will make the journey harder for you.

How to make the Phone Call?

If every thing goes right your AOL account will be cancelled in just 10 minutes. You have to dial 800 827-6364 and say ‘cancellation’. You will be asked to answer the security question along with a voice recognition test. The next step is the trickiest one. The call will be transferred to a customer care executive. He or she will ask you the reason for which you are canceling your account.

You are not answerable to them; it’s completely your choice that you want to cancel your account. So be specific in answering the question, there is no need of any kind of explanation. If you explain more they will get a chance to talk to you and will try to persuade you in keeping the account.

They may give you a number of options but don’t put an ear to them. Just stick to your point. They will cancel your AOL account within no time.

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