How to Connect Reliance Netconnect on Apple Mac Book

Reliance Netconnect USBReliance Netconnect is a wireless internet connection facility by reliance communications which offers you internet access from 400Rs/month and it is under the Best Wireless Connection Data Card USB List. The normal windows version computers and laptops can easily run the reliance wireless connection using the netconnect product but the main problem comes in when you are trying to use the same connection via a apple mac book or any mac version.

Mac Book Amit

In case of Mac if you are having a local wifi connection the Airport connection would be active and normally when you try to plugin in the reliance net connect device its automatically found by the device manager. You just need to select the device from the network configurations option and select CDMA 1x Win W01k modem, and dial in the phone number – #777 [Reliance Netconnect phone Number] with your login details provided to you by reliance officials. Though i have previously mentioned reliance net connect does not offer you a good speed but its a speed always better than the airtel usb wireless connection.
Supported versions : MAC OS X Versions 10.1.2 through 10.1.5 (Jaguar)

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  1. manu sharma says:

    Hello Guys,
    I am using Macbook Pro – Snow Leopard 10.6.7.
    I have an issue here related to the reliance netconnect ZTE AC 2726 model. I am trying to connect the same and it works pretty fine for few minutes and after that macbook throws an error please restart your laptop.
    I have analyzed that why this error in coming in the dump logs and came to find the following error as,
    Terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘STD:runtime error’ what ():locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid
    Abort trap

    I had tried the mac drivers for all the models like 2726, 2737, 8730 which are available on the reliance webworld but still the issue not resolved.

    Today I have visited the ZTE service centre and they had installed the ZTE AC 2737 drivers and that time it was working (checked for 30 minutes) but now sadly not working.

    In this blog, I had tried to install the driver via package details but still the issue not resolved.

    Assistance required.
    Please do the needful.

    Manu Sharma
    Mumbai, India-91

  2. hai, i am purchased an i book pro (the compact net book) can connect the reliance zte modum for that , if it can be connect how can i connect it. give me suggestion for this. Thankyou

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