An analog to digital converter (ADC) is actually a electronic device that would help to convert continuous analog signals to discrete digital numbers. The reverse of this is that conversion of digital to analog is easily done by the (DAC) which is nothing but the Digital to Analog converter.

An ADC is an electronic device that helps to convert an input analog voltage (or current) to a digital number that will be proportional to the magnitude of the voltage or current. The digital output could make use of different coding schemes, may be binary or Gray code or twos compliment binary system.

Analog DV Convertor

Analog DV Convertor

If you need to convert your analog data to digital format all you need to do is play the VCR tape and capture it onto your computer system. If you have a minidv recorder and relevant tapes, see if it has a USB port, may be a firewall port. Then all you need to do is download from the Minidv camcorder on to your computer and then save the file onto a digital format of your preference. Then you can easily burn it on to your DVD through your DVD player.

So you see, you can convert your VHS or H18 tape by connecting the VCR to a Minidv camcorder by making use of the standard output cable, play the tape and then capture the output onto your minidv camcorder. Now you can easily download it onto your DVD as described above.

There are many Analog to Digital converters that are available in the market today. Some of these converters provide analog and DV input / output capability for most of the leading editing and DVD authoring applications. It helps to connect to all the widely used analog and DV cameras and decks. They are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Some of them come with industry’s highest quality analog to DV and DV to analog video conversions with locked audio support. Some of them provide video output to a monitor or a TV while editing. They also have additional features that help to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and also sharpness with the help of controls on the analog video input.

You can search through the net to have an idea of the analog to digital video converters that are available in the market. There are many many service manufacturers who different types of analog to DV converters. You can do a comparative study and the one that fits your budget and which has all the features that you are looking for. You can even take the advice of experts through the net to get the product of your choice.

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