My friend has installed the Disk Encryption software into my system, but never taught me the process of putting it into function. He is now out of station and I need to know its use that software, as I am having some problems in storing the privacy of some data stored in disks. Can you help me out by providing the detailed methodology of using the disk encryption software?

Will I Be able to Operate It on My Own?
I am not aware of all the products used for thee disk encryption. I have installed software named as SafeBit into my system for the disk encryption purpose. I can describe the process of using that software, hope it will help you out, as most of the tools used for this purpose have similar designs.

SafeBit possess a striking and user friendly interface. Every procedure used to access this tool is mainly wizard driven. This software will guide you in every steps by instructions and thus I fail to understand that why you had so much trouble in operating this simple program.

How to Operate the Software?
The process is very easy one, I am writing it down for you in a simple language for you to understand. As you initiate the program, the chief window opens. This window is separated into three sections.
You will get the Safe related safety options on left of the window. Those options include, Close Safe, Open Safe, New Safe, Destroy Safe, Backup Safe, Properties, and Close All. Click on one of the options for working with the chosen Safe.

The next section contains a register of the Safes you have along with their status. Double click on a safe and open it. Again right click on that safe for bringing up a menu having added options for the safe.
The third or the last section displays the assets for the chosen safe in short. SafeBit will offer you disk encryption, it will encrypt a file automatically, and the only thing you will have to do is placing that file on the Safe. The process of disk encryption will remain completely transparent.
Initially all safes will be closed.

For opening the safe of your choice you will have to double click on the icon.

Disk Encryption Software

When you will open the safe, a new drive will become visible. This drive will also have a letter assigned to it, just like a normal drive. Once you will open it, it will function like any other disk drive.

When you will finish your job, close that safe for securing the files. As you close the safe the drive letter will disappear. By this way, unwanted user will not be able to access your files anymore.

Data Drive Secure

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