indian railwaysCustomers who would like too book their tickets through specialized Indian Railways Reservation Counters located around you, has to fill a Requisition/Cancellation Form if you desire to book a ticket. Requisition Form is freely available at the reservation counters and once has to duly fill it and submit it to the authorized booking officer present over there. The same form can be used to cancel at ticket which is booked through reservation counter also but you can’t cancel the eticket (booked online) in reservation counter.

There are many ways by which you can obtain the train tickets but one of the widely used method of train ticket is through Railway Reservation Counter.

Requisition Cancellation Form

For booking of train tickets through Reservation Counters you need to fill the Reservation form which looks like the above image (click to enlarge it). Filling of form starts with Providing your details like: if you are doctor then you can tick the above Box. This is useful because is an emergency, if you are traveling in the same train you can be helpful as a doctor over there. It would be easy for the authorities to identify from the list of travelers instead of personally going to everyone and asking or either doctor approaching them. Leave it empty if it doesn’t apply to you.

Next thing is about the Sr. Citizen Concessions. Tick mark in the space next to senior citizen from the top. Senior Citizen (age above 60 years) can available a discount directly at the time of booking the tickets provided you need to carry a proof of age like Voter ID card or Driving License during the journey or else you be fined under extant Railways Rules. Leave it empty if it doesn’t apply to you.

In the next box you need to tick whether you want to upgrade without any extra charges. Indian railways in order to utilize the available accommodations have introduced a scheme to upgrade a wait list passenger who has paid the full fare to the next higher class without any extra charge provided that there are any accommodation is available in other lower classes. Like if you are booking a wait-listed ticket in 3AC compartment and if the ticket doesn’t get conformed at the time of chart preparation, the algorithm of Indian Railways at the time of preparing the chart will allocate the lower next class to those who have ticked this box.

Next things are about the Train No and Name, Date of Journey, Class is either Sleeper Class or 3AC (3 Tier AC) or 2AC(2 Tier AC). No of Berth/ Seat which you want to book during the journey. Station From, Station To, Boarding at & Reservation Upto are the details of the stations where you want to board the train and want to reach where.

Next comes the boarding Person details. You need to provide details of each person who would like to travel. The details includes Name, Sex, Age, Choice of Berth (Either lower or Upper or Middle- This is provided as for the safety of Senior Citizen). And a special section for Veg/ Non Veg meal for Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express. If you would like to go for that then be sure to tick mark it. Per requisition form you can fill up to 6 person tickets and 2 children below five years which should be provided at next section of the form. For the children below 5 years Indian Railways doesn’t issue the tickets and also there are no charges for them to travel but they should be mentioned here if they are traveling.

Next section is Onward/ Return Journey Details. Fill this form if you are looking to book return journey tickets or onward journey tickets. You should provide details like Train No and Name, Date, Class, Station From, Station To. If this doesn’t apply to you then move to next section.

The next section is about the person who is at the reservation counter who booking the tickets. It includes Name of Applicant, Full Address, Phone number, time of booking and Signature. This details are to be provided because in case of emergency or at the time of death of the traveler in emergency or accident situations the person would be contacted for communications. You should fill this or else the booking agent wouldn’t accept the form.

The next section is “For Office Use Only”. As the title says you shouldn’t write anything here. This place is for the Indian Railways official purposes.

That makes your part of filling. Next thing you can do is give this form to the Reservation Clerk present at the reservation counter and who would check out the tickets and will issue the printed tickets to you if the accommodation is available as requested by you.

People who are booking Tatkal Tickets has to mentioned Tatkal at the top so as the Reservation Clerk would understand easily. Tatkal Tickets are provided just 3 days in advance before the commencement of the train journey at the starting station.

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