Sony HDTV LCD ScreenCRT Displays are going away one by one not for a single reason but multiple ones and the main reason behind this is LCD’s grabbing the whole market. You cannot find CRT monitors these days in the Modern Offices nor at Homes where kids and teenagers are looking to buy those ‘Posh’ looking LCD screens. Some of the advantages of using the LCD Screens are that they use very less power which means that along with a lower power bill the users also get higher battery backup on their UPS which means that a UPS which can take 20 minutes of Load for a PC with CRT can offer backup of upto 1 Hour for a PC with LCD monitor. Along with this the LCD looks really cool when compared to the bulky CRT monitors and LCD are also Wall-Mountable which means the users can also save up a lot of space. One final advantage of using this screen is the Picture Quality when compared to the CRT Monitors which give a boring looking image quality.

Now lets get to the point on different ways which can improve your Image display quality on the LCD Screens.

  • VGA PortProper Hardware Connections – Generally people upgrade their display screens from the normal CTR to LCD screen, and this is the reason they normally continue using their old cables to connect the CPU to the External Display which may not be perfectly working and may be not suitable to the new screen but still they just plug in with a hope that it would work and later would blame on the LCD manufacturer for the issues in quality. Also along with this the never technology requires you to connect through HDMI or Display Port connectors which are many a times ignored giving you lower quality and poor connections.
  • Update Display DriversInstalling Display Drivers – Most monitors are generally considered Plug & Play but consumers generally forget that this would mean that their computer is going to automatically find and set the display drivers. In case of the newer LCD screens, the issue is that most of the times we have to manually install the display drivers and for this either you have to use install the drivers from the CD which comes along with the LCD screen or else fix driver problems with the Intel Drivers Utility. Even after this you don’t find that the display is not perfect, then you need to search for the drivers at the LCD manufacturer’s website or else at the free drivers websites. You can also try out the inbuilt update driver option found at Control Panel > System Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > right click on the display option and click on – ‘Update Driver’ which will try to search for updated drivers on your PC and also on the internet and update it.
  • Setup Brightness & Alignment – Once the monitor is connected and the moment you start it, you may sometimes find that the brightness is lower than the LCD and also there would be wrong alignments, ie the whole screen would have move up, down, left or right and you need to fix this. This is no hardware issue and you should check out the buttons available on the LCD screen and select the right one. Generally you will find a Auto button which will try to automatically resize the display and stretch everything to the borders of the screen making sure there is no space left over anywhere and everything is correctly aligned. Also you need to press on the Brightness button and increase the brightness to 100% in order to make sure the display looks perfect and you dont have to suffer any eye-issues.
  • LCD Monitor ResolutionFixing Correct Resolution – Resolution is what that matters in case of computers display and if you have purchased a super large display like 22″ or say 27″ and then if you setup 800×600 resolution which is by default setup when the Windows Operating system is installed then you are for sure going to get lower quality, loss of usable area and more. If the Auto switch is going to configure this too then it would be great but its recommended to check out the displays usage guide and adjust the monitor to almost the maximum it would be capable to handle. Based on this even though all the displayed stuff would look small but thats how this stuff works and would offer you with the maximum quality because the higher resolution you select the higher number of Pixels are used to display on the screen and because of this the quality just increases. Always look into this specific point because i have seen many cases where large screens are not used in the right way they should be.
  • LCD Screen StandLCD Stand & Height – This point can be confusing to some on why should one adjust the location where the display is setup but here is a reason for the same. Generally not all LCD screens looks perfectly if you view from the side and this gives you a dimm, dull images meaning that overall the viewing experience can be bad, on the other hand there are even cases where in the screen would reflect the background window or light and how it on the screen making it hard to see or read whats displayed on the screen. This is the reason perfectly setting up the location of the display screen is very important, and you also need to take care of the height at which the screen has to be set, generally its recommended not to keep the screen at 100% vertically but should be kept at 110-120 Degrees ie tilting it towards the backside by pushing from the front side, this can give you the right display view along with the best quality. There is no fixed rule but you need to keep trying out different positions and find out which one suits you the best because it depends on the background lights, room light, location etc.
  • Cleaning LCD Screens – This may not directly influence on the display quality but still it does affect because by cleaning a LCD Monitor you are going to wipe of all the dust particles collected on the screen. In case of CRT monitors the external surface is hard because its built with Glass and this is the reason you can easily wipe of anything, but in case of cleaning LCD screen you need to take maximum care and use the right products if not you will get damages which cannot be recovered.

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