Belkin Play Wireless RouterBelkin has launched a series of Wireless Networking Products for the Indian Consumer market which has a huge requirement for internet connectivity related products. The best of all these is the ‘Play Max’ Wireless Router which costs around Rs 6,000 in the Indian Market and around 95$ in the International countries. The price is quite hefty when compared to the other wifi routers available in the market but for quality stuff you have to pay a hefty price.

To get started with the installation procedure you need to first connect your Modems Ethernet Port to the Ethernet Cable and then connect the modem to the router to make sure everything is setup something like the diagram shown below.

Belkin Router Modem Computer

The Package consists of a CD & a Pen Drive which can help you in the setting of the required software to operate the device. Insert the CD into the computer and then start the setup process which would install all the software components into your computer.

Belkin Setup Page

Once the software installation is completed you will be shown with the above window and option to setup the Security settings initially. You can always setup the Mac Address, Access Point Setup, Firewall Settings, Manage Virtual Servers, Manage DDNS, SSID etc in the later stage but try to personalize everything when you connect the device first time itself. Once you are in the Setup Window, click on the ‘Advanced Tools’ option which will display you all the above listed settings. Next here you need to click on the ‘Network Name & Security’ option.

Network Setup Advanced Tools

On the main screen when you click on Setup you will be asked to enter your Country which can be selected from the drop down list. Once this is done the software will search for Network Devices in the connectivity range and once detected you will be asked to enter the ‘Network Name (SSID)’ & Password which normally comes with the device package itself. This is to make sure that someone else from the connectivity area wont be able to access your device and break into it.

Belkin Network Name SSID

The Network Name also called as SSID helps you in identifying your device from the other devices available in your connectivity range. The password is pre defined by the company to make sure that you are on a secure network right away from the moment you start installation and this password is stored on your computer hence this is one time requirement to enter these logins.

Establishing Connection Router

Following this the software will start establishing a connection with your router which could take a few minutes. In this process the modem tries to restart itself and re-establish the Internet connection. Once the connection is successful you will get a ‘Sucess’ message window as shown below. In our case we had to wait for more than 10 minutes, and when it still didnt work we went ahead to Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center Settings > Wireless Network Connection Status Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Here the default IP address was & which we set it to Obtain Automatically following which the connection was established immediately along with access working.

Belkin Router Success Setup

This completes the quick setup of this excellent router which is recommended product for home users. In the next article we will help you in securing the same and how to use all the features which this one touch setup and use router offers.

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