How to Install Windows XP via Pen Drive – Tutorial

Most PC users have got very much habituated in installing Windows Operating system on their computer using the Windows Installation CD’s, but what if a user does not have a CD-ROM to read them and if he has a option of only using a Pen Drive? Then here is a small tutorial on how to get started and install a complete Operating System using the Pen Drive as Booting Medium and a drive to Store the Setup files. Many a times a small Virus Attack or some Program Installation can stall your OS and this can lead to no PC Boot up following which you are left with a option of Reinstallation.

Boot Windows USB

Boot Windows USB

First of all you need to make sure that you have got a Pen Drive with a total capacity of minimum 256Mb for the storage of the Setup Files though you can opt for the higher capacity drives and you need to make sure that the format of the Disk is correctly set before the installation process. Hence here we are going to use a tool from HP ie HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Formatting a USB Drive into the right File System which can be downloaded from here. Since most BIOS wont accept any drive and would only accept FAT File System you need to make sure that you have formatted the USB Flash Drive using this tool.

Next you need to get ready loading the OS files into the Flash Drive, following which you need to setup the Boot Device in the Advanced BIOS Features. The new version MotherBoards would have a option called ‘USB-HDD’ before the Hard Drive option and if you dont find this available you need to update your BIOS. If you find it, you need to change the order of booting and make sure that the USB-HDD is in the first option. Next save the BIOS settings and restart the computer.

Advanced BIOS Features

Advanced BIOS Features

There can be other names also listed for these Pen Drives which can be likely Removable Device, Removable Storage Device etc whom you need to select and make sure they are in the first position in the Boot Device Priority Section. via Tomshardware

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  1. Hi, I have formatted my USB pen drive using that HP software. I have copied the complete Windows XP content in a folder on my desktop. But it contains other software like Acrobat reader, Messenger etc as well.

    So when i tried to change BIOS setting and kept HDD at the top then too….it didnt work out….please tell me what OS files have to put in the pen drive…

  2. I have some doubts reg all thos…why we need to format our pendrive..why bios is nt accepted..and i heard tat if we install os using pendrive then the pendrove looses ots functiob i.e later v cant sav oder doc in it…can u plz clarify my doubts

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