The Apple iPad wifi comes with two different options through which you can connect it to external devices ie the Bluetooth and the Wi-fi option. In order to perform this you need to enable the option of Bluetooth in your iPad. This option is available under the Settings > General > Bluetooth.

Pair Bluetooth Device

Once you start searching for devices from your computer, you will find the following screen displayed.

Add Bluetooth Apple iPad

Once you select the device and continue, the computer will start searching for respective drivers and display them. Once the connection is establish, it would ask you to pair the device which means that you will have to authenticate and connect both the devices following which you can easily transfer data. The pairing code is automatically generated and displayed on the screen which you need to input on your ipad to verify the pairing and complete the process.

Pairing Code iPad

Once this is completed, you will find the following screen which will confirm that the drivers were also installed and the device is connected.

Device Added Bluetooth

Finally your computer name would be displayed on your iPad’s bluetooth section as shown below. That’s it, you have completed pairing of your device with your computer. The same process is applicable and useful when you want to connect the iPad to a external Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse and any other device.

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