Today, we put more weight in having our movies in DVD instead of CD due to several added benefits. When we use DVD for our movies, it means more clarity of picture and better quality of sound. Not only that, we get the entire movie in a single DVD, so we bother less about carrying the stuff. Now the question is how to record DVD movies. Say, your friend bought a golden collection of beautiful classic movies in DVD format from some other places and you can not find the DVD anywhere in your local market, so what is the first thing that you must opt for? Yes, you are right, you would like to record them. But if you are a newbie, it may not be easier for you to do prior having so guidance. Let this article help you.

Recording DVD Movies to Hard Drive
If you are using any pirated version of DVD movies, you can directly use copy-paste feature from the DVD itself. In order to do this, you need to browse within your My Computer area, once you have inserted the DVD into the DVD-ROM drive. It will look like as follows:

DVD Rom Drive

Now, right click on the DVD-ROM drive and click on Open to access inside the DVD.

DVD Open Drive

As soon as you will click on the Open menu link, it will take you to inside of the DVD as follows.

Now select the folders you will see and then click on the Copy button as highlighted in the above picture. It will be copied and then use the Paste button to record it to anywhere in your hard disc.

If you are living in the United States, chances are there that you may buy DVD with a protection seal made by css. There ate DVD decryptor programs available in the Internet, both free and paid version that will help you to remove protection at the time of copying it to hard disc or any other DVD Recorder. Needless to say, it is an illegal practice.

Recording DVD to another DVD
You can record DVD to another DVD disc in two ways. You may burn images available in your hard disc or you may also make a DVD to DVD copy. In any way, you need to use DVD burning software like Nero or Ashampoo or the same. There is plenty of useful DVD recording software available online, you need to choose from them according to your personal preference.

The functionality of using DVD recording software is almost same in every case. You just need to drag and drop the desired file or folder to the DVD burning area in the software and then burn it. Bingo!

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