Last year I visited the Wedding Ceremony of my best friend, I had bought a new digital camera just two weeks before the wedding. It was obvious for me to take the pictures of the Wedding and keep it with me for my entire life. Jenny, my best friend is very close to me.
I was very happy to think that the memories of her grand Wedding party will always be with me, but last week a strange thing happened.

I am unable to locate them on my PC and I have deleted them from the disk. I am desperate to get them back, but I am not getting any advice from my friends and relatives regarding this matter. Can you help me out to recover them from the hard drive or the digital camera?

Can I get back My Deleted/Lost Pictures?
I, myself experienced the same problem and I can tell you that there is little hope of recovering those digital photos from the hard drive. It will better for you to accept your loss. There is photo recovery software, I have only heard about the procedures of applying them, but never used them by my own. You can try one of them.

How to Use the Recovery Software?
Most of the digital cameras never wipe out the digital photos from the storage media even if you delete the pictures or make use of format command.

If you have a digital camera with corrupted storage media and you receive the message asking you whether you want to format the media, then also you will be able to recover the pictures. The software for recovering your photo searches (Recover My Photos search) will help you display the pictures which you had deleted previously.

Recover Deleted Digital Photos

This photo recovery software functions for many direct camera links where the media card is displayed as a drive on the PC. If the camera does not show itself as the drive letter, after being connected to the PC, you may use a card reader for the digital camera.

Recover Deleted Lost Photos

This is a rapid and simple process. You will not have to be a technical person to recover your deleted pictures. This software works in case of recovering the compact flash files, recovering media data, recovering data of Memory Stick, and other data recoveries including the hard drive. You have to purchase and register the software to get the best result.

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