Iam a heavy gmail user, adwords advertiser, adsense publisher, Google alerts subscriber, blogspot blogger, Google docs user, Google analytics, user, Google knol publisher, google friend connect user, orkut member, Google talk user, Google maps user, feedburner publisher and a lot more and it would be a real shock at least for me when i come to know that my Google Account is Google Accounts Logohacked and if there is no option to recover it. What are the best security options and backup stuff which can help you in recovering your Google accounts. Recently i was getting Google Password Assistance emails, which were not requested by me which meant that some idiot was trying to hack into my email account and get access to it and gain whatever he could.

Google Password Assistance

If you a Google user ie who uses any of the services offered by Google then the first and foremost thing you need to take care off is your account password because once you lose it you will be in a problem which cannot be easily recovered and like most companies only giving your security questions’s answer wont help you in recovering since the hacker who would have got access to your gmail account would change all the security question, answer, date of birth, verfication information etc.

Google offers you with a recovery option where in you can get a password-reset link at an email address which you specify if your current password is not working and you are looking to recover your account. Access this link from which you can find all the 3 options which should be for sure updated in order to make sure your account is totally secure.

First of all would be the email address where the verification information would be sent, hence update a correct backup email address. You need to also make sure that the backup email address which you can assigning as the secondary email address is also secure and has a different password been setup.

Google Accounts Email

Next you need to move towards the second option which is the most secured one because it directly links to you ie offline because its the SMS Password Recovery – Receive a text message with a password-reset code on your mobile phone. In case of Online Tools most of them can be hacked into but how can someone access your mobile phones SMS Inbox for the password reset code and get access to your account? Well select your Country and then enter your mobile phone number where you want to get the code and reset your account passwords.

Google SMS Password Recovery

The final option is to enter your Security Question and Answer where in you need to make sure that you dont enter any Dumb answer. You need to give a very hard to break answer to the question you select and write it down somewhere at your home. Always make sure the passwords are a combination of Alphabets and Numerical’s. You can also read our articles on how to reset gmail password and how to recover yahoo password.

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