From time to time Apple Apps developers release free promo codes for iPhone Applications which you can use and get the application on a discount or free of cost. Now most iPhone users dont even know about this feature because most of them directly use the App Store offered within the iPhone where they tap on the keys and click on Buy Now and get the App downloaded. But if you browse around the web you will find many websites offering free promo codes for different Apps which can be redeemed easily.

Here are a few Promo Codes for Dhingana Music App which can be redeemed the following way. Connect the iPhone to your Laptop and run the iTunes Application. Click on the iTunes Store button on the left side of the screen. On the right section you will find the ‘App Store’ with few links on the Top Right, Click on the Redeem link.

Redeem iPhone Promo Code

Next you will be shown with a option to enter the Promo Code.

Redeem iPhone Promo Code

That’s it, the code will be verified and if its correct, within 5 minutes you will find the iPhone App to be downloaded to your iTunes Software from which you can Sync to your iPhone and use it for free of cost.

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