How to Save QuickTime Pro Mp3 Mpg Files

Quicktime considered as one of the best audio video players does not allow you to save any Mp3/Mpg file which you are playing online and gives you a option to upgrade your current Quicktime version to a Pro aka paid one. Here is a simple trick to avoid this paid option.

Quicktime Pro

Just right click on the page where the file exists and right click on the file and save link/source as , this way you can directly save the file without paying any amount.

Quicktime Save As

May be Quicktime needs to search for somemore advanced options wherein these above steps can also be avoided and the user’s need to pay before they can download the Mp3/mpg files.

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  1. 1. Right click ‘Save as source’
    2. Click ‘Not now’ on the QuickTime popup
    3. Go to file
    4. Click ‘Save frame as’

  2. Telling It Like It Is 2007 says:

    Thanks for sharing this little tip – my wife wanted to save some Quicktime MP3s of one of her choral concerts that was posted online and this turned out to be a quick and simple way to do it.

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