How to Sign out your Gmail Account Remotely

One of my blog reader emailed me, saying that he had logged into his gmail account through his friends laptop and he had forgot to Log-out which is why he is fearing if his friend is going to read all his personal stuff. Also he was worried if he had to ask his friend directly to logout his email account because that would look awkward, hence if there is any other solution for this.

Well, before i give you one solution given directly by Gmail team, i can tell you that the best answer to this is by changing your Gmail Account Password, you can stay totally secured because once the password is changed there is no way someone can login to your account unless they go for a password recovery option. Next if you dont want to change the password and just logout from your friends connection then login to your Gmail account from your Laptop and move towards the footer section where you will find a box giving you details about your last activity.

Gmail Account Activity

Gmail Account Activity

As you can see in the above screenshot, at the footer you will find ‘Last account activity’ with a link to Details, which once you click will give you a list of all the IP’s from which the Gmail account was connected to. This is shown on a new window with all the details like Access Type which can help you in finding out if your account was connected through a Browser, Mobile Phone or a POP3 software. If you find a session through which you didn’t login, then you should instantly click on the ‘Sign out all other sessions’ button.

Gmail Account Activity Report

Gmail Account Activity Report

Once you click on that button you are safe and you need to make sure that you regularly change your password, may be every fortnight using some password generators and keep your account secure.

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  1. Pavan Somu says:

    Hi Amit, am back.. nice to see this post here

  2. This is nice information. I definitely change password from remote computer. I never access my gmails from any computer except mine. if i do, I have double check by opening orkut, google, gmail etc.

  3. Nice post amith thanks for sharing!

  4. So that will end all the session or PC where you have logged in into your Account and the access to login is still one. Good Work by Google!!!

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