How to Stumble a Website

1.Go to this Link –

2.Click on the Install Now link on that page.

3.Click on Install and restart your Firefox Browser.

4.Now the StumbleUpon Firefox Addon is Installed.

5.Open this website Gii and click on
I Like It

6. A Small window will open where the Title will be Auto Filled but you need to enter some review like : Cool website,nice website, nice blog,nice directory , professional look etc

7. Select a Tag for this website which should be related.

8. Adult : select Yes (or) No

9. Click on Submit this Site

10. You are done.

Some Cool Websites i Found which are worth Stumbling are :
1. Apple
2. Firefox
3. Gizmodo

Post a Comment if you have any doubts.

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  1. so this means if someone is new to internet publishing and new to SU, he can’t drive any traffic to his/her site. All the power retains with the top stumblers who have more than 35000 thousand stumbles and favorites. SU is basically by the west and for the west, they’ve got 23 out of 24 hours in the day just to sit on the internet, browse and comment!

  2. Great article – thanks for sharing that :)

  3. very nice article ,very informative thanks…….

  4. Secrets Club says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice tip.
    But 1 thing in my mind that could we stuumble our own site on our own account on or other social bookmarking sites? or do i have to make different account?

    and Is this a kind of spam?

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