How to View & Pay Reliance Data Card Bill Online

Reliance Netconnect InternetQuestion by Sameer Bangalore – I have purchased a Reliance data card based on your recommendation and review but now the company is sending me huge bills even though i have not used that much heavily. The Reliance company is fraud and sending big bills which is what my friend told me, is that true? Is there any other solution than paying so much money to these people or canceling the High Speed Card. I need this Internet Connection because its quite good while iam on business travel but the bills are making me take other decisions, let me know how can i know the detailed bills information, how can i contact the Customer Service and pay the bills online itself.

Reliance EVDO is one of the service which is bought by lakhs of consumers all over India and since its trusted most people continue using their services, hence we cannot call them frauds directly but yes if we are sent wrong bills, its our right to call them and get itemized bills with all the details on why the bills are over charged. Anyway Reliance Communications would send you monthly bills which also have a 10.3% service tax which comes extra to the monthly Package Plan you have opted for and other VAS[Value Added Services] you have opted for. Unless you notify the company through Phone, Email or visiting the Reliance Web World.

Visit this Link which is the official website for all the Reliance Data Cards and from where you can view your data usage and know your bill details. First of all i would recommend you to check out your welcome letter and find out which Evdo Tariff Plan you are currently subscribed to, because many a times customers subscribe to a very small plan with data download limits but with higher download speeds and unknowingly they download a lot of stuff which turns out to be chargeable.

Click here to find out your Data Card usage for the current billing period and know if you have already crossed the download limits or you still have some available. You need to login with your Data Card mobile number along with the same number as password by default along with a prefix of 0 for the number. You should also change your password once you login for the first time for security purpose. You will be shown with the details as shown below.

RConnect Unbilled Usage

RConnect Unbilled Usage

You can also view and pay bills online here and save your time because the system allows you to make payments through your Credit Cards or any Net Banking Account. This section offers you with the following settings :

User Profile – Change and update your profile,e-mail ID and password.
Wireless Data Usage – Check your Wireless Data Usage
Pay Your Bill – Reliance Mobile and Reliance Phone individual customers can directly Pay your postpaid bills online without viewing the bills.
View and Pay Bill – Reliance Mobile and Reliance Phone individual customers can View and Pay your postpaid bills online. To pay your bills you can choose to pay by Credit Card or through your ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank Internet banking accounts. An account of your online payments is available for your ready reference in the View Online Payments section.
Payment History – View your last 5 payments (made through any mode cash/cheque/credit card/bank debit)
Unbilled Usage – Check your Unbilled Usage
MMS : View and send MMS.Access your private and public gallery of multi-media rich content.

Click on the View & Pay Bills option and continue further to make the bills payment online.

Reliance Data Card Bills

Reliance Data Card Bills

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  1. I want to see the bill format of reliance 1x net connect.
    In the bill, is our browsing websites are mentioned?
    What are the details in the bill?
    please send to the following mail id

  2. videh kumar singh says:

    i would like to pay my relience data card fee online.

  3. bablu das says:

    hi i wanna pay my reliance datacard bill online..tell me d procedre..thanx….

  4. Reliance are Thieves, Fraudsters, Burglars and Con Artists. They sent me a wrong bill of over $7100 and don’t want to admit that they made a mistake.,

    Their system that calculates the data usage is wrong. Their system under my services display my usage as 162 mb in 10 days while i received a bill of 11gb usage in 10 days. They are misleading their customers. Keep away from them.

    Their customer service is horrible and they do not look after their customers. I have netconnect+ broadband. It keeps dropping few times every hour.

    I have used tata photo+ before and had no problem with them. The only reason i chose reliance was due to fast speed but after receiving fraudulent bills and horrible customer service i am never going to use them or recommend them to anyone.

    Also try contacting their nodal officers to resolve the issue and they won’t even return your call.

    The whole reliance business is based on ripping customers off and then taking them to court when they don’t pay the wrong bill. Stay Awayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have proof that they have charged me wrong as i have purcahsed a software that calculates all internet usage on my computer and my usage is no way near the usage that was in my bill sent by reliance.
    mrnav is online now Add to mrnav’s Reputation Report Post Edit/Delete Message

  5. we need to know how to generate e bills of data cards. Please send a mail in detail manner


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