HP Touchscreen Laptops

Hp Touch Screen LaptopsHewlett-Packard is the company which is leading the market for personal computer sales is now planning to launch touch-screen technology in their laptop series. This new series would be based on touch screen services similar to their upcoming touch screen mobile phones.

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With these new series users can avoid the usage of keyboard & mouse for data input for specific programs and directly use their laptop’s screen as a input device and give their selections. HP computers last year launched ‘TouchSmart’ which is a big-screen desktop computer with better design and software.

Touch Screen Laptop Series

Mini Notebooks also called as ‘Netbooks’ are also in development are going to be launched for 300$ or less with the size being half of a normal laptop computer. With the development in technologies the laptops are replacing desktop computers and the available models are upgraded with higher confirguration at the lowest prices. There is no official announcement on the launch date of these touchscreen laptops from HP but we can expect them by this year end.

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  1. great, these are amazing..

  2. Balaji J H says:

    Nice next generation technology is available now…
    The laptop of future is designed now by Hp thanks for information
    I think HP concetrates oore in laptop compared to desktop

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    please tell me about every kind of laptop prise

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    please give me the current ammount of every kind of many laptop

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    can you please tell me how much price is that laptop?!!

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