HTC P4350In comes the svelte HTC P4350 phone that has everything that a mobile device needs. Who needs to go to the office or to the club when you have a mobile office and entertainment center in the palm of your hand? The features are definitely unique for a PPC phone.

The Features

    • The phone has a large 2.8 inches TFT touchscreen LCD display which gives you room to view your files in comfort.
    • Data capture has never been quicker and easier with the full QWERTY keyboard that can smoothly slide out.
    • You can stay connected at any time with the ultimate GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
    • The HTC P4350 is a global Quad-band PDA Phone
    • The built in camera has 2.0 mega-pixels and allows the user to take stills and record videos.
    • You can entertain yourself with the Windows Media Player which permits you to play music and videos.
    • The P4350 boasts of Windows Mobile 5.0 which has direct push technology. This lets the user receive updated your e-mail, tasks and contacts instantaneously.
    • The phone runs on 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM which can be topped up with a microSD card. For a change, the memory slot is not tucked away under the battery.
    • The phone comes with different software that augments the standard Windows Mobile 5.0. The software packages include a Zip file manager, an Adobe PDF reader, and voice speed dial software. The voice speed dial software not only has speed dialling but also voice recording.
    The Design
    • The power button is ideally placed on the top of the P4350, thus making it easier to get the screen back on due to the power saving.
    • The right side sits two buttons, and the full-length stylus which is tucked away at the lower end. These two buttons allow access to the Communication Manager giving the user control over the various wireless capabilities of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The other button allows for voice mail application and voice recording.
    • The keyboard also pops on the right side with a melodic tone to go with it.
    • The keyboard spring mechanism is top of the range. You just have to slightly push the keyboard in any direction. And it slides into place.
    • The keyboard also has two LED’s which will indicate whether you’ve pushed the “Shift or CAPS lock” button or the “Function” button.

HTC P4350HTC P4350HTC P4350HTC P4350HTC P4350HTC P4350HTC P4350

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