The Huawei E585 from 3 Mobile is one of the best modem you could buy with your money because its not just a 3G modem which allows you to connect to the internet using the 3G internet connection but also allows you to access 5 wifi devices. This means that you can connect to 5 different wireless devices through this modem in wifi mode. These devices are offered by 3 Mobile which are generally locked, but you can easily find unlocked ones at ebay and in this article we are going to discuss on how you could set this up with the 3G SIM Card.

To get started you need to powerup the modem and connect it to your computer using the Wifi. This means that you will find the new wifi connection under the ‘Internet Networks’ option.

Wifi Internet Network

Next you need to access the 3MobileWiFi page which can be directly accessed through the wireless IP which is located at following which the page would be displayed giving you different options.

Huawei Mobile WiFi Interface

The default logins to this page would be [Login – Admin, Password – Admin] following which you need to click on the Advanced Settings > Connection Settings > Profile Settings > New ‘Profile Name’ – Anything name you set (e.g. Amit 3G), following this you need to perform the following steps :

  1. ‘Connection Number’- *99#
  2. ‘UserName’ – Your network operator’s username
  3. ‘Password’ – Your network operator’s password
  4. ‘Authntication’ – PAP
  5. APN – Your network operator’s APN
  6. IP Address – Dynamic
  7. Click Save > Continue > Advance Settings > Connection Settings > Connection Settings
  8. Select your new profile from the ‘Profile List’ drop down menu

Click on the Apply/Save and all the profile settings would be set. Next you need to Insert the SIM Card, battery and connect the device back to the computer through the wifi access connection. By default the software would redirect to http://3.home/ which has to be ignored because the is the right access URL. This would enable you to enjoy the Huawei E585 device with the unlocked software for accessing the 3G connection on your SIM Card. The device would show you the data download details along with the cellular networks towers strength and the network name. Following is a video which you can help you in understanding more on this topic.

Video Demo :

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