Hyderabad Bloggers Meetup – 31st August 2010 – Free Invites

Its Google Blogger’s 11th Birthday on 31st August and we are going to Organize a small Meetup with a total of 50 bloggers from Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh. The idea is very simple – Just come over, meet each other and have a lavish dinner buffet.

Hyderabad Bloggers Meet

Venue :
Ohris Jiva
Rajbhavan Road
Hyderabad 500082, India

What: Blogger’s 11th birthday celebration!
How: Sign up and get a ticket.
Where: Anywhere you are.
Who: Everyone! You never know who might show up.
When: At 7:00 Pm on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Motto :
A simple meetup of Bloggers from Hyderabad sponsored by AmitBhawani.com . Join us at a lavish buffet and meet other bloggers from Hyderabad, get ideas, build network etc.

Requirements :

  • You should be a Blogger who writes regularly
  • You are passionate for Blogging
  • You think about making money online and always follow different blogs on the Internet.

This meetup is for you :

Note : You will have to fill this form after getting a ticket from eventbrite. This is a free event and limited to just 50 bloggers.

We will send you useful technology related Tips. Enter your email address :

About Amit Bhawani

My name is Amit Bhawani and I am the chief blogger at Amit Bhawani Blog and where I like to share my internet/tech experience with my online readers on this website. You can read more about me at my About Page. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Google +1 at +Amit Bhawani


  1. Leela Krishna says:

    Hi Amit,

    Hope you are doing great.. Nice initiative with Hyd Blogger meetup.

    All the best..

    Leela Krishna

  2. Nice opportunity for Hyderabad bloggers. Hope similar thing comes up in Bangalore.

  3. Nice initiative.. Looking forward to meet Hyd bloggers..

  4. Hey Amit,thanx a lot man,you had organized such an amazing Bloggers meetup that i could not stop writing about it in my blog.
    check this article

  5. Hi Amit & team,
    Nice efforts in organising the event..

    I restarted my old blog about this event:-)

    Thanks you so much for the event..

    I posted some pics from event @ http://picasaweb.google.com/103370664498774658476/BLOGGERSFIESTA31Aug2010?authkey=Gv1sRgCPjchbzJxMKbgQE&feat=directlink

    Keep up the good work..


  6. Hey guys, I have finally given the review about this meetup.You
    can go through article and comment on the areas you feel was missing.

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