Hyundai i10 the car of the year 2007 which was launched in november is now going to launch a automatic version where in you wont need to shift gears while driving and this car would be more beneficial to ladies and older aged segment because shifting gears would generally be complicated. Hyundai i10 Pricing and model were already announced and the car has been a huge sucess with plans to export have been finalised and may be implemented by mid-2008.

Automatic Transmission Cars

The Automatic transmission version of i10 would offer the drivers to drive in a relaxed way even though if they are in heavy traffic. Though the pricing of this model would be the highest than any other model with a lower mileage but comfort comes with a price and hyundai already knows the buyers demand. Lets wait for an official statement from hyundai. The current model feature a sunroof, an integrated music system, anti-lock braking system and dual airbags with around 10000 cars already sold after the launch. If you are looking to buy a car by next year end then dont be in a hurry and wait for the B Segment Hyundai i20 car.

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