Idea 3G LogoYes, now Idea customers have a reason to say either “What an Idea Sirjee” or “Get Idea” as Idea Cellular starts rolling out its 3G Services with which you can benefit from Live TV, Video Calling, Super fast Internet and Video gaming right on your 3G enabled phone. Idea Cellular today rolled out its 3G Services in three of its circles which it has acquired the 3G licenses which are Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh, Gujarat and also in Himachal Pradesh, thought here is no confirmation on 3G launch in other circles, it’s too slated to launch in other circles very soon.

Idea 3GUnlike other operators which gave away the free trial like Vodafone, TATA Docomo and Aircel did, Idea cellular is betting on offering 5 sorts of tariff plans which ranges from Sachet based tariff, usage based tariff, time based tariff, data rate cutter tariff and also the 3G Dongle tariffs. Also, there are other players in the Market who are offering the 3G Services which are MTNL, BSNL, airtel. So, let’s check out each and every tariff plan separately and individually below,

Sachet tariff:

Sachet tariff empowers every Idea customer to taste the 3G and then go for the bigger plans. As mentioned in the table below, the sachet plans ranges from a minimum of Rs.8 to Rs. 51 with a free usage of 10 and 50 MB with 1 and 3 days of validity respectively.


(in Rs.)

Free data usage (in MB) Validity Charges beyond free usage
8 10 1 10p/10kb
51 50 3 10p/10kb

Usage Based Plans:

Want to get rid of frequent data recharges? Then Idea has usage plans too to match the usage needs which ranges from a minimum of Rs. 100 to a maximum of Rs. 1745 as shown in the table below,

For Prepaid users,

MRP (in Rs.) Free Usage (in MB) Charges beyond free usage
105 100 10p/10kb
205 250 10p/10kb
455 600 10p/10kb
655 1250 10p/10kb
745 2048 10p/10kb
1745 5120 10p/10kb

For Postpaid users,

MRP (in Rs.)


Free Usage (in MB) Charges beyond free usage
100 100 10p/10kb
200 250 10p/10kb
450 600 10p/10kb
650 1250 10p/10kb
750 2048 10p/10kb

Time Based plans:

Do you know how to get the most out of the time, then let’s check out the TIME based plans from Idea cellular in the table below,


(in Rs.)


(in minutes)


(in days)

Charges beyond free usage
45 30 1 10p/10kb
85 60 3 10p/10kb
150 120 7 10p/10kb

Data Rate Cutter:

If you are a heavy user then you would want to cut down on the rates for your 3G data, so Idea ropes in the concept of rate cutter in 3G too, let’s have a look at it in the table below,

MRP (in Rs.) Rate Validity
55 1p/10kb 30 days

Dongle tariff:

Don’t have a 3G enabled phone, but still want to surf internet on your Laptop or on your Computer? Then get hold of Idea 3G dongle with exciting plans mentioned below in the table,

For Madhya Pradesh,

MRP (in Rs.)


Free Usage (in GB) Charges beyond free usage Validity (days)
598/599 1 5p/10kb 30
750/750 2 5p/10kb 30
1750/1750 5 5p/10kb 30

For Gujarat,

MRP (in Rs.)


Free Usage (in GB) Charges beyond free usage Validity (days)
605/599 1 5p/10kb 30
755/750 2 5p/10kb 30
1755/1750 5 5p/10kb 30

For Himachal Pradesh customers, still the Dongle tariffs are not updated, once they are updated we will update with the same here.

Usage Calculator:

Apart from Usage, for all people who are not sure of their usage pattern then you can take help of usage calculator from Idea Cellular as you can see below, all you need to fill in some of the details which you do while on Internet and you will be given with your rough usage details,

Idea Usage Calculator

2G vs 3G

For all those who want to know where exactly 3G differs than 2G then the below graph will help you understand things better,

3G vs 2G

How to Activate Idea 3G?

For all those who are idea customers of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh all you need to do is to just send a simple sms as “ACT3G” to 12345 (toll free) or alternatively you can also dial *147# (toll free USSD Method) after which your current 2G plan will be stopped and you will be migrating automatically to 3G “Pay as you Go Plan” with charges as 10p/10kb.

How to Configure /Set device for faster Internet / 3G?

Faster Internet

For configuring the device, you can either make use of your existing 2G settings or alternatively if you don’t have then send “SET” as an sms to 12345 (toll free) and within sometime you will get the settings or alternatively call customer care at 12345 for more details.

What are the Video Call Charges?

Idea Video Call

Be it home circle, roaming, Local or ST, all 3G video calls irrespective of On-net or Off-net will be charged at a flat charge of 5p-sec. (Rs.3/min.)

*Quick Note: As of now the 3G network is only live in places like Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Shimla and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh and also in Indore which is in MP&CG telecom circle. Idea has cleared that by the end of April more places will be covered and 3G footprint will be covered across India by the end of 2012 or by Diwali. With Idea 3G you can speed up the internet for as high as up to 21.1 MBPS depending upon the device the speed will be varying.

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