Most Indian Paypal users are in search for the IFSC Codes which is required when they are trying to Withdraw funds to their Bank Accounts. Paypal uses the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system for Funds Transfer, which is the reason you need to Enter the correct IFSC code of your Bank Branch for the payments to be processed and correctly deposited.

Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)

Please refer to the cheque book of that bank account; most of the time IFSC code is printed on the cheque leaves else please contact your bank branch for IFSC code. You can also go to the Reserve Bank of India website at and click ‘List of NEFT enabled bank branches’ to get full list of NEFT enabled bank along with IFSC code. Please ensure you input only IFSC code and not other codes like MICR, SWIFT etc. else the withdrawal will bounce.

Bank Account IFSC Code

The File is of 13mb and you need to locate for your Bank Name and the Branch and cross check the same details with your Bank Check Leaves. The same code you need to Enter in your Paypal Account in order to correctly link your bank account and get your money withdrawn easily after conversion from USD to INR.

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