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If you feel like your Adsense Daily Income is not growing then there can be some options in your hand which you need to work out rather than waiting for Google to pay you more per click. If you are a regular visitor of this blog you would have seen that i keep changing my Ad Unit sizes because offering the same size always makes your visitors go Ad Blind and there are chances of clicking on your advertisements which means that you can expect a lower Click Through Rate.


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Generally Bloggers are in a view that Less Ads would mean that they would get paid more but thats not the case always, you need to find out the right ad unit for your blog because it depends on your designs and different experiments would give you the right results. Some of the most used ad units in decreasing order are –

Its recommended to avoid Image Ads on your Adsense Units if they are placed within the content because these can distract your visitors while they are reading your content and the Text ads would add them some resource because they are relevant to the stuff they are reading. The Link Ads should be placed on the Top Navigation Section not to make the visitors think that these are Navigation Links but to offer them with links which can be helpful to them while searching for something.

Increase Adsense Income

Example : If you have written a article on ‘Laptops Buying Guide‘ – The Adsense Link units would be the most clicked because there would be ads with different Laptop Selling Companies Brand Names listed like Dell, HP, Sony Vaio, Apple, Acer etc and based on the users selection they would click on these link units.

You need to try out using atleast 2 Text Ads Units & 2 Link Ad Units anytime you are running Google Adsense on your blogs because that can help you make the most of your Advertisements. The only problem with adding the maximum Ad units is that the high paying and lower paying ads are all displayed which can lead to overall less income and when you have 2+2 Ad Slots the highest paying ads are only displayed giving you a better eCPM.

If you are displaying Google Ads on the lower part of your website you can try out with the 728×15 or 468×15 Link Ads just around the Comments section or the Footer section because visitors would be exiting from your website and if link ads are shown there, you have more chances of getting Clicks. While showing advertisements within your blog posts using adsense plugins you should try out sizes like 468×60 Text Ads which display the Ad Title & Description but not the URL which means that the visitor would click on these in order to find out more.

Testing out with different Ad Units is the only suggestion which can be given because Adsense now offers you with options to create multiple channels, font sizes, font colors and also allows you to show randomly changing ad colours

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  1. Dear Amit,

    I love you blog. You have given some great Tips.
    Can you please Check me site What do you think of my ad placement? It would be grat if you can review it!

    Thank you so much
    God bless you

  2. narsimha says:

    how much you r getting monthly adsense income

  3. Amal Roy says:

    I think displaying the ads below the post title can increase adsense revenue since the visibility of the ad gets better.

  4. Amit sir i liked this post…Hope u visit my site and give valuable suggestions.I get 200 visitors daily and i dont even earn 1$ daily on an average..Help sir

  5. Hi Amit i am getting nearly 10000 visitors per day and getting clicks of 20 to 30 only.I dont know how to improve the click rate. Also some days they are paying more and some time too less.i dont know what is the reason.Kindly help out to know more abt this and learn how to earn more money with this.

    Need Ur kind help.

  6. can you disclose the average CTR and CPM or your Blog… :) :)

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