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Increase Google Adsense IncomeHere is a excellent tip from the Google Adsense Team for the Publishers who have selected Text Ads as the default style of ‘Ad Display Preference’. Following this you need to select ‘Display text and image ads in all ad units’ under the My Account > Account Settings Section. This can be considered as another way to Increase Adsense Income along with the Google Adsense FAQ which was written for our valuable readers who are looking for Adsense Tips.

We would like to tell you about a minor change you can make, which can have a major impact on your AdSense revenue; opting in to text and image ads. Recently, some AdSense publishers have experienced a significant revenue increase after making this change. Opting into text and image ads increases competition among the ads competing to appear on your site, as both text and rich media ads (image, flash and video) will compete in the ad auction. We will then automatically display the ads which will yield the highest earnings for you.

With increased advertiser spend on placement-targeted advertising, enabling image ads means you are also competing for these extra dollars. You can use the Ad Review Centre (ARC) to review the ads placement-targeted to your site. If you decide to opt into text and image ads, there are 2 steps we would ask you to take. Under the AdSense Setup tab, go to Manage Ads and edit each existing AdSense unit to display ‘Text and image ads’. Then, under your My Account tab, make sure that your Ad Type Preference is set to ‘Display text and image ads in all ad units’. We are confident that this simple change can positively impact your revenue potential, so we highly recommend that you see how it can work for you.

Wishing you every success with AdSense,
The Google AdSense Optimisation Team

If you have implemented multiple Adsense units on your blog, do check out this article on Best Banner Ad Size & ways to Show Adsense Ads Randomly. If you are a Google Adsense Publisher, don’t forget to cast a vote in the following poll.

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  1. Thanks for the tricks.. I will tried on

  2. Received this tip by mail today in the morning.

  3. Anish K.S says:

    Thanks Amitji for the tip. will check this.

  4. pdfdergi says:

    decline in recent months was in my adsense income.

  5. NavaPavan says:

    Normally I prefer text & Image ads. It’s glad to hear the news from Google. Thanks for the share Amit bro

  6. thank you for the tips… very interest :)

  7. I think image ads will perform better than text ads in the case of content oriented blogs. Image ads also add look and flavor to the blog.

  8. i think your advice may work i will also try this and hope it work… thanks for sharing

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