SO-DIMM is the acronym for Small Outline, Dual Inline Memory Module. These are integrated circuits especially designed for use with small computer devices such as laptops and routers, and have digital circuitry that gives the same output for a smaller space, but usually uses much more power than their bigger brethren. SO-DIMM’s are usually found in RAM sticks for use in notebooks, and are designed to fit into many laptop makes without any adjustment. They are found in Mini-ITX PC’s s well as Nano-ITX machines that are truly tiny and silent.

Sodimm MemoryTo install SO-DIMM memory, the prerequisites are the same as those used for any other computer hardware installation. An Electro Static Discharge repelling wrist strap is always advised as this safely grounds you and your hand’s electrostatic discharge so as to not damage the delicate electronics used inside the SO-DIMM or the computer. These ESD wrist straps are found at any local hardware store and are very cheap and are an absolute necessity.

The second prerequisite is to know everything there is about the SO-DIMM and the machine you are going to install it in. If they are incompatible, then you will end up damaging the expensive equipment and devices both. Thus a quick run through the manual is recommended for all those trying to install a SO-DIMM into a laptop or other device. A screw driver is also needed if the modular storage area is protected by a screw-driven joint.

* Turn off the device! Installing memory while the computer is on is NOT recommended.
* Open the flap of the memory panel after unscrewing the joint.
* Align the socket of the SO-DIMM with the key of the modular space.
* At a slight angle (around 30 degrees) gently slide in the SO-DIMM.
* Apply even pressure from both sides till a soft click is heard.
* Place the inclined ends of the SO-DIMM firmly onto their sockets.
* The SO-DIMM has been installed!

To remove the SO-DIMM, a similar process is used:
* Unscrew and open the modular memory space’s flap.
* The exposed end of the SO-DIMM is lifted off its sockets so that the key and the socket in the main end are free.
* Gently slide the SO-DIMM out of the memory module.
* The SO-DIMM has been removed!

This is the most common way of installing and removing SO-DIMM’s and is also an effective and safe way of doing so.

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