I want to have two Operating systems in my computer. I don’t know the process, so I am seeking help from you. My friends also failed to help me out. Can you please help me out to learn the process? I have Windows XP as my existing OS, how can I install the Linux as my second OS?

Is the Process Simple?
The process is simple, but you will have to learn it properly before employing. I will discuss two methods of installing two separate operating systems in your computer. Both methods are quite easy, only the steps should be remembered properly.

How to Install Two OS in My Computer?
You can configure a dual-boot system by adding a new hard drive. This is the simplest way of making space for Linux OS. After adding the new hard drive, you will have to start the installation of the Linux program. After initiating the installation program, you must make that you are selecting the newly added hard drive for installing the Linux and not the one used by the Windows XP.

You can also make your system a dual-boot one, by making partitions of the hard drive. For instance, your Windows OS has C: and E: as two hard drives. This may either indicate to separate drives or parts of a single hard drive created by partition. You can install the Linux OS on the E:. Let us now discuss the process of installing Linux.

First you will have to copy all the files which you need to save from E: to any other location. Then begin the installation program of Linux. Ensure that the Linux OS is installed in the E: i.e. the partitioned hard drive. Note that the Linux differentiates between the disk partitions and the hard drives. Thus, If the C: and the D: on your PC are to two different hard drives, it will be recognized as hdb and hda (IDE) or sdb and sda (SCSI) by this installation program. Choose the sdb or hdb installing the installation program. I think this process will not appear very hard for you to perform by your own. If so, please take help from experts. You will be able to select the OS of your choice, once you have installed the Linux. You will get two separate logging in screens for Windows XP and Linux OS.

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