If you are looking for more detailed stats on your google adsense revenue then you would like to integrate your account with a google analytics account. If this is done then you can even know which page of your website gets the highest traffic and which page gets the most revenue and many more stats. Though this integration is currently available to only US publishers but you can avail this service by sending a request using this form.

Google Analytics Adsense Integration

Want to integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics? Improved reporting was on publisher wish lists this year, so we’re spreading the reporting cheer this holiday season. Fill out our interest form, and we may be able to enable the feature earlier for you.

Google Analytics Adsense Integration Stats

This is a Happy Holidays Gift from AdSense to all the publishers who want to integrate these two services. Using this service you can find a new option of adsense under your ‘content’ menu in google analytics, which reports you the total revenue from individual pages, total clicks, adsense ctr, adsense cpm and the total impression on a specific page. If you find that the revenue is less or lets say the CTR is less you can try to make some changes in your post by removing specific images and changing adverts colours.

Demo Video showing you the usage of Integrating Google Adsense account with your Analytics Account :

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