Intelligent SIM – Motorola iSIM 4 Phone Numbers in Single Handset

Motorola iSIMWe had recently discussed about the iSIM which would enable you to run four different Phone Numbers from any Mobile Phone. Here are more details from the company which is actually going to offer this service. Offered by Motorola the product is called as iSIM which stands for Intelligent SIM because of its powerful platform and flexible features which would help both mobile operators and the customers.

The iSIM is built on a Flexible Wafer which can be attached to the original SIM card which you currently use allowing you to access to more features without the need of purchasing a separate handset with multiple SIM slots. Some of the features offered by the iSIM Platform from Motorola are –

  • Multiple IMSI Profiles – This means that the new SIM would support upto 4 different IMSI [International Mobile Subscriber Identity] Profiles with one phone number. The subscriber can easily switch between different phone numbers of different networks or same networks without the need of changing the SIM Cards which is the currently adopted trend.
  • Smart Dialer – The Smart Dialer feature offers a easy to use STK Menu which would save all the calling card numbers, login names & PIN numbers. Along with this the subscribers can opt for IP Phone calls or Call-Back services at discounted rates.
  • Secure Enterprise Message – This is one of the most important feature because the subscribers will receive Encrypted SMS service where all the messages are secured because Secret Keys are assigned to the individual phone numbers. The Killer SMS feature allows you to completely Block or Reset a Mobile Phone in case it gets stolen or lost, hence the person who found the handset cannot make any calls or make any changes in the phone. There is also a Private Store which comes inbuilt for storing important information like Bank Account Logins, Passwords, Credit Card Numbers etc.
  • Parental Control Service – This feature would make the Mobile Phones safer for the children subscribers because parents can manage the phone numbers list and also monitor the usage of the mobile phone through the website, to find out the out going calls along with duration. In short its easy to spy on their kids.

The iSIM is ready for the following applications:

  • Symmetric Security/Asymmetric
  • Security (PKI) over (U)Sim Tool Kits For:
    – Message Decryption/Encryption
    – Digital Signature
  • OTP (One Time Password) Generator
    – Mobile Bank Login
    – Secured Web Login
    – Online Shopping

Key Features of Motorola iSIM :

  • Thin 0.4 mm thickness wafer add-on to SIM – Supports NFC and Non-NFC applications
  • Enables high adoption rates as most SIM based devices can be addressed – form, factor & flexibility are compatible with most phones
  • Transparent Interception
  • Low Cost Solutions
  • Low customer acquisition cost
  • Low Application development, deployment and support cost
  • Easy integration with the operator environment
  • Independent SIM Tool Kit platform for customized application development:

  • Payment and banking systems, supporting bank security platforms
  • Call control, alternative call routing and callback systems (dual SIM applications)
  • Enterprise Applications with enhanced and secured SMS services
  • Parental Control and Social Networking

Overall a excellent product which is being awaited by millions because this service would enable them to increase their Business by staying connected with different Phone Numbers while using a Single Mobile Phone handset.

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  1. I think this will definitely kill the Dual Sim Mobile Phone Market or if this can be used on dual sim phone as well making it extended to 8 phone nos. on each handset which would make handset manufacturers more happy :)

  2. yeah motorola’s entering in india with a bang,,,,,,i love motrolas gadgets,,,,was very sad when i heard rumours abt their exit from market,,,,,,

  3. SMS Application Service says:

    this is great news for telecom. in isim we use more than one mobile no in one phone and after sometime this is very useful for the customer . who they want use more than one no. this is very good that this is services start by motrolas. this company mobile phones are very good

  4. harshu says:

    great technolgy……. good option to dual sim phones…..

  5. when will these isim will be available in india and what woud be the price ?

  6. When the mobile phones with parental control features would be available in Indian Market? I don’t understand why none of the Mobile Companies and Service Providers taking it seriously!
    In the changing world, we can’t deny that mobile phones have become necessary for our kidz also yet there’s a need to to monitor and control our kidz’ mobile usage also. iSIM or such phones with built in parental controls could be the best suited solution in the changing environment.
    Pls update me as & when any such phones or services are available in Indian markets.

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