Fix for iPhone Blank Screen Problem

Today suddenly my iPhone stopped its display though i could hear the SMS messages which were coming but could not check out anything as the Home/Sleep button didnt work and i was in a problem which seemed to have no solution. The iphone was no better than stone

My iPhone version is 2.2 though a new version 2.2.1 is available and even users of iphone 3g are also getting this problem. Its a hacked Apple iPhone with all the features , and we did write a detailed tutorial on how we unlocked iPhone 3G

iPhone Blank Screen Problem

First i thought that the phone has met its age in 2 months, but when i went through couple Apple Blogs i found a very simple and easy solution for this. Just Press the Sleep/Wake button and Home button simultaneously for couple seconds and the iPhone will reset and restart with the Apple Logo in display. Though in this course the open applications will shut down without being saved but atleast with the restart your phone will become normal again.

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  1. Thank you so much it helped me

  2. Omg u just made my day. HAHAHA I was worried the whole time i thought my iphone crashed or something. Thank you for the useful info

  3. Thank you so much for your useful information!!

  4. Thankyou so much for posting this! I was about to throw it on the floor thinking it had died after only 1 month but thought I’d just google it in case there was an easy fix!

  5. Brill !! I was sure i had killed it some how !

  6. sajjad rafique says:

    thanks a lot the problem has been fixed just with the advice

  7. Fantastic tip. I was having such a bad day, my Mac hard disk died this morning, then I get the white screen of death on my iPhone – guess which was easier to fix!

  8. This doesn’t really fix the problem for me. Every time I get a text message, the phone won’t turn on the screen again when I press Home or the Lock button.

    A quicker way to turn on the screen is holding down the Lock button. It will display the power off screen. If I cancel and try to unlock the phone, it sometimes keeps the screen on. Usually the second try keeps the screen on. I’ve found this to be faster than rebooting the phone.

    Either way, a reboot or what I’ve found to be a faster “fix” only alleviates the symptom. The next time I get a text the screen won’t turn on again.

    • Beste Tim,

      Dit probleem heb ik nu ook sinds ik mijn iphone gejailbreakt heb naar de 3.0 versie. Heb tevens wat nieuwe Cydia programmaatjes gedownload maar weet nu niet wat het probleem kan zijn…?

      Heb jij al een oplossing gevonden?

      • Possibly it came from something when I updated packages from Rock Your Phone. I don’t know exactly when the problem occurred and what was updated at the time. I haven’t installed new packages in a while so the cause may be from an update.

        I’m on firmware 3.1.2 and I plan on updating to 3.1.3 so I’ll update if it fixes the problem.

        • I couldn’t update to 3.1.3 successfully so I reinstalled 3.1.2. It didn’t get rid of the problem but it might be because I performed a restore after the reinstall.

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