The first and foremost thing you need to do is check out if the device you are planning to jailbreak can be succeeded or not. This is because many times users start with the jailbreaking and unlocking of their devices without checking out if its really possible or not. Hence prior checking is very important where in you can use these quick tools and then proceed towards the jailbreaking process. This tutorial would be useful for users who have earlier Jailbroken their iPhone 2G/3G/3GS 3.0/3.1.2 with redsn0w, Quickpwn, Ultrasn0w, PwnageTool & Blackra1n.

To get started you need to first download the correct ipsw file from Apple Firmware Downloads and save it on your Desktop. The next step would be downloading the Sn0wBreeze tool from this website and saving a copy of the file on your desktop. This procedure is for Windows users who have Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64bit) Operating System.

Now to get started read the following steps and perform them one by one carefully.

  • Create a Folder on your Desktop with any Name and move both the Sn0wBreeze file & the Firmware .ipsw file in that.
  • Next you will have to run the sn0wbreeze-V.exe file and then proceed towards the installation process.
  • The application would ask you to select any of the two modes ie Simple & Expert out of which its recommended to proceed with the Simple mode because in that case everything is done automatically with easy wizard based setup and you wont have to worry about configurations. Best for first times because this way the tool will automatically download all the applications.
    Select Setup Mode
  • Click on the Blue Arrow to continue, and you will be asked to select the firmware file which you had earlier downloaded to your desktop folder. Browse and select this file which the sn0wbreeze application would detect and then proceed ahead towards Jailbreak.
    iPhone 2G ipsw Verified
  • Next the software will install Cydia, ipsw files etc and will create a new IPSW file which is a new modified version you need to install, following which at the end you will be shown with a message which says ‘Done! sn0wbreeze seems to have sucessfully created your ispw, this file will be located on your Desktop. You will be asked if the device is already Jailbroken or not. If you are sure about this then proceed with Yes or else select No/Not Sure option which will manage everything.
    Jailbreak Complete Sn0wBreeze
  • Next you will be asked to Connect your iPhone, and Enter Recovery Mode. After that, Launch iTunes and Hold down SHIFT while clicking the RESTORE button in iTunes. To get into the DFU Mode, Connect your device, Turn it off and click start when you are ready. Once the device is shut down, you will be asked to Press the Power & Home button both at once for 10 seconds, next you need to leave the Power Button and continue pressing the home button for next button following which the device will enter the DFU Mode. Once this is done you will find a Success Message for the same.
    DFU Mode Success
  • Now you will be asked to Restore the iPhone using the iTunes Application. When you run the iTunes you will get a message which says ‘iPhone is in Recovery Mode you need to restore it’ as shown below.
    iPhone Recovery Mode
  • Now we will have to Restore the Modified ipsw file which was created and saved on the desktop. You will have to press Shift button and click on the ‘Restore’ button in iTunes. Next you will be asked to select the file, which you can browse and select from the desktop. Once you have selected the iTunes will Prepare the iPhone to be restored. This task would include extracting, testing and repair of your iPhone following which its completed and your device is back.
    Preparing iPhone Restore
  • Note : When we were trying this Restoring option at the end, were we getting the 1601 / 1602 Apple error which needs you to reinstall all the softwares like iTunes on your computer and then try to restart the procedure. We went ahead starting the iPhone and then restoring the device from the iTunes when the device was running normally. This made the device to automatically restart and then all the data was slowly transferred, finally restoring all the files and previous information.
    Restoring iPhone Software
    Verifying iPhone Software
    Verifying iPhone Restore
    Restoring iPhone Firmware

Enjoy the Jailbroken updated iPhone Device!

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