Kingfisher AirlinesRecently while i was looking to fly down to Indore for the Business 360 Seminar, i had not more than 8 hours in hand and in this left over time i had to Book Tickets, Travel and also get ready for the Seminar. While doing a quick search on ClearTrip, Yatra, Travel Guru, MakemyTrip etc which are the best travel booking websites atleast in India i found that there were no flights available in this sector and even there were no connecting flights which meant that i had to look over to the other options which would mean flying to Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai and then from there to Indore but again Bad Luck i didn’t have any flights which made sure i reach Indore by 8:30am for the seminar. This is when i thought to give a search through the Official Airlines Websites which i normally ignore because of their Dumb Looks, Slow Speeds and Confusing Options and no comparisons in terms of pricing. A quick check on told me that there was a flight in morning which was infact a direct flight and i don’t have to worry about traveling multiple cities in India to reach a destination. No options left i went for the booking confirmation and luckily it was the last seat on the trip and i was able to join Prof. Sudhaker Lahade who was also boarding the same flight.

I have traveled many times through Kingfisher Airlines and have always found their services to be really awesome and worth the money. In this case a connecting flight was costing me around 6500Rs but the direct flight costed me 14800Rs and since it was reaching on time i had no issues with the cost. The double amount you pay is for the service you are going to get and this is really worth trying out. The moment you reach the Airport, a group of guys from the Kingfisher Airlines team would welcome you and offer to handle your luggage and take it near the ticket counter. Compared to other Airlines, currently Kingfisher is the only Airlines which issues boarding passes using a kiosk machine which would save your time. In the machine you need to enter your flight ticket PNR number along with your Last Name and its instantly printed, in my case a kiosk operator standing next to it got the job done. Next the staff even assisted in moving the luggage and show the way towards the security checkup and the exit gate.

Kingfisher Air Hostess Fly Kingfisher Air Hostess

While once you enter the flight, you will be welcomed by beautiful looking flight air hostess who even assist every passenger in finding their seat and also in keeping their hand bags in the luggage section. The best part of their customer satisfaction is the way they handle kids by offering chocolates, puzzle books, pens and even taking them to their seats and chatting a lot with them, ultimately making them feel that they are in a good company. This makes sure that all the kids on board are happy and wont be crying or yelling which would disturb other passengers. You cannot expect 95% of the above listed stuff in other Indian Airlines and this is the main reason why i feel that the Customer Ecstasy is something which gives this Airlines company a 10/10 rating. Do check out my previous article in which i mentioned that the airline upgraded my tickets to premium class. Next time looking to travel anywhere in India go for Fly Kingfisher.

Note : This is a personal opinion which is based on my experience and is not to be considered as a paid post or sponsored article.

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