LG CG300The mobile phone industry is very competitive and thus you will find that mobile phone makers are always trying to out do each other. The result of mobile phone makers trying to out do each other is that many phones have whistles imaginable, bells, cameras and songs.

The LG CG300 has something I personally call old is new. It is a feature that has been around for a while and it started with ironically land lines. The user can with a touch of the button speak to 30 people at the same time. The feature is called push to talk and it functions like a walkie –talkie. This feature is very cool for a phone and some say it is the coolest by a phone but I disagree because it is something that is like an exaggerated conference call. The phone weighs 3, 4 ounces.

The face of the phone has a surface area of less than eight square inches and the phone is an inch thick. The LG CG 300 phone battery has a battery life of almost ten and a half days when on stand by. If the phone is in the hands of a user who s always constantly using it then it can last about three and a half hours. The type of LCD screen that the phone has is monochrome STN with color filter and it measures 96 by 64.The internal screen is bigger 128 by 160 pixels and has color scheme of 65 000. The camera is a vga with flash. The pictures that are taken by the camera are not bad. To access the wap function you only have to press one button, and then you can browse the internet. You can create self portraits using the mirror that is within the phone. You can do these by choosing from three different resolution options.

The camera has a self timer and a digital zoom of three times. The camera has a many features of one single function within the phone. The camera is well rounded. You can have up to three hundred pictures on your phone memory at a single time. Brightness, shutter, color effects and white balance are all customized meaning you can adjust them to your liking. The phone is blue tooth capable, you can send messages and texts with the phone as it is one of the features that it is good at the java 2,0 is there for the video game fanatic but can be used for other things like downloads (application) and music.

LG CG300LG CG300LG CG300LG CG300LG CG300LG CG300

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