Iam looking to download some latest movies and Mp3 songs using Limewire but iam confused if i get into legal problem with this. Some of my friends got their Internet Connection disabled because of the ISP Blocking, since its illegal to use limewire, is it true? iam really confused because i don’t want to spend money on buying these music tracks. One of my friend also got some legal papers from a movie production when he downloaded the latest Harry Potter movie using torrents files, is it really that much risky?

Limewire LogoIf you have heard about the Peer to Peer File Tranfer software called Limewire iam sure you would be worried if its legal or not. Many people keep asking this question to their friends when they come to know about the Limewire software because in countries like US you need to pay huge fines when you download illegal versions of movies, songs & software’s with the ISP Companies blocking your internet connection in the beginning.

First of all Lime Wire software itself is a Legal Software which can be downloaded directly from Limewire.com with 2 versions available ie Free Version and a Paid Version which would allowing you to download files on a higher speed. Now if you are talking about this software application which helps you in Peer to Peer files transfer its a totally legal software because its job is to facilitate users in easy data transfer and if you download the Paid Version of LimeWire without making any payment then you are going to use a Illegal Version of the Application. Limewire charges you a one time fees for accessing their paid version which offers you with super high speed downloads and no limitations which can help you in saving up a lot of time, hence if you are going to use the Limewire Pro version without making any payments then you are for sure going to be in problems since its called as a Illegal Limewire software.

Now back to the topic of downloading files through Limewire. If you are downloading any Copyright material from this website then you are for sure doing a wrong act because Limewire software is for sharing your own work with others or the stuff which can really be shared for free with everyone. There are many people who offer pirated versions of the latest movie videos through torrent websites and which of these can downloaded using P2P Software’s like Limewire. The most important point is that whenever a file is downloaded using these softwares the uploader is normally punished rather than the downloader but still its always better to play safe and not get into downloading illegal material using any medium. Hence in short if illegal files like Mp3 Songs or Movie Videos are downloaded using P2P softwares than there is no excuse for this and you are dealing with a wrong act and its recommended to instantly close the application and stop doing it.

Overall Piracy is illegal, be it on any kind of stuff, hence stay away from doing these kind of acts. How many ever ways you try to hide your computer by using proxies or changing IP’s you can still get caught and this can lead to huge amounts of fines which when compared to the original cost of the downloaded stuff is many many more times.

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