If your facing problems while using the old Internet connection, then the best solution for your problem is to switch your internet connection to Linksys WAG200G. It is a wireless-G ADSL gateway and the people using this internet connection can get connected to about four systems at once with the help of 4 port Ethernet switch which is a built-in setting in the gateway. This type of gateway Linksys WAG200G will allow you to share printers, several files, hard ware stuff and many other resources. If you need a bigger network, that is if you want to connect to more than four personal computers, then for this you just have to connect some additional switches so that you can create much bigger network, as much as you want to. The built-in setting in the wireless-G accessing point that helps you to connect to wireless tools to user’s network with a speed of 54Mbps. For all this arrangement there is no need for you to run the cables all around your house. The Router function of the gateway will tie all of them and then allows the total network to share high speed ADSL plus the Internet connection.

LinkSys WAG200G RouterThe Linksys WAG200G Internet connection can be used with ease. The consumers can have good performance because of great speed and a good level of convenience and also provides you with high security. This gateway can easily encode all the wireless transmissions connected with the new industrial-strength encryption. The latest features it provides are content filtering, high security and advanced firewall. The gateway will allow you to analyze and monitor the firewall traffic so that you can track the network for the external and internal abuses. The firewall will show you clearly the attacks that are targeting your system and thus will help you to rectify them. Thus the comprehensive analyzing traffic feature will help you to generate professional graphs and reports that will show all the aspects of the usage of the Internet. This way your personal computer, your family and all your files and data are safe. The configuration and set up is simple and quick with the utility of web-browser based configurations.

LinkSys WAG200G Router

You can get this latest Linksys WAG200G Internet connection through key retailers, authorized distributors and also value-added resellers. The street price is $159.95. This way the Linksys is recognized as a leader in Ethernet, voice and in wireless network hardware for the consumers and other small businessmen who use the Internet. The Linksys is very dedicated to make the network easy and also affordable to its consumers. It thus offers award wining and innovative products, which seamlessly integrates with a number of applications and devices. The performance at times may vary depending on the conditions, interference or other adverse affects. Otherwise the Internet connection runs well and helps you to work smoothly and efficiently.

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