This article can save you from a Driving Accident because we are going to tell you about a Mobile Phone Application which can speak out the text messages you receive on your handset. This would make sure that you dont have to read to messages manually and keep a eye on your mobile phone, and getting yourself distracted. The application currently available for the Blackberry Phones, Windows Mobile Phones, Andriod & iPhone[soon] is currently free to download here.

Listen SMS Messages DrivingGenerally most accidents while driving occur because the vehicle driver would keep himself engaged in reading the SMS Messages they receive and this is the reason they get distracted and commit a mistake of hitting some other vehicle, which not only effect themselves but also the other vehicles too. In order to avoid these there are some new Mobile Phone Applications which would read out the SMS messages you receive and keep you updated. The services work with both SMS Messages and Email Messages you receive.

SMS iPhone Andriod BlackBerryFeatures
* Reads your text messages and emails out loud in real time
* Hands Free – No need to touch the phone while driving
* One-touch activation – no complicated setup
* Bluetooth and radio transmitter compatible
* Reads text message shorthand (lol, brb)
* Optional customizable auto-responder

* Eliminates texting while driving and reading emails while driving
* Safely stay connected while reducing distracted driving
* Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
* Be safer and more productive during your commute
* Lightweight app doesn’t slow down phone or drain battery
* Flexible app allows many customization options

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