Hi, Iam from London and iam visiting Goa – India this year but iam confused with the available online maps & even purchased some hard copies but iam not able to locate some nearby places to the most famous destinations for my tour. Can you help me out with some kind of service where i can get access to very detailed information ?

The answer to this is Google Maps which is a User-Friendly Mapping technology helping out everyone who are looking for local business & travel information. Before understanding how this service works you need to take a look at Google Maps Tour which has some demo videos.

Goa Maps Locations Google Maps Service

Access the Maps Online website and search for Goa, where you get a complete Map of the destination with lot of information like – Get directions, Search nearby, Save to My Maps & Send. Next on the Map click on ‘Search Nearby’ , you will be asked to enter the keyword for which you are searching in the nearby locations.

Search Nearby Locations

You will be given with a list of all the ‘Hotels’ nearby that location on the left panel of Google Maps with links to more information & reviews of these hotels made by other travellors.

Search Locations Google Maps

Next you are planning for a goa tour which has many exciting destinations but without a guide it would be hard to find these locations, though you can carry your mini laptop along with you to keep a track on Google Maps service. You can also print web pages if you dont have a device which you can carry everywhere. If there is some problem with Google Maps then dont forget to check out a competitive service Microsoft Live Search Maps

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