The G15 Gaming Keyboard is a unique accessory that enhances the PC gaming experience. Logitech is known worldwide for its creativity and innovative products. This new keyboard from Logitech has once again revolutionized computer gaming. It makes the game much better and upgrades the player to a new level. It has a LCD screen that monitors the different levels and status of the game being played. Also, apart from the general keyboard functions, this one has a lot of extra functions and keys.

It has multimedia buttons and flipback display and blocks of programmable buttons on the left, making it large both in depth and in width. There’s a detachable hand rest for the user’s comfort. A group of multimedia buttons are placed below the LCD screen and these control the media player operations. Also, there are some keys that control the LCD display settings. On the other side of these multimedia buttons are three windows functions related buttons and under these is a button with the picture of a joystick that can be used to disable the windows buttons so that the user does not press them accidentally during playing a game. There are two USB ports on the keyboard that can be used to connect joysticks, mice, etc. or even may be used for data transfer. The keys are black but the letters on them shine with a blue light once connected to the computer. There’s a special button to highlight the brightness. Games that support the Game Panel technology usually comprises of special functions related to this keyboard, like special powers, weapons, etc. Overall, this is the perfect gaming console enhancement for computers.

G15 Gaming keyboard Photos :

Pricing: The price varies from around $64.99 to $105.41 and these keyboards come with a hardware warranty of 1 year from Logitech. To sum up, this keyboard is every gamers’ dream and it’s a must have if you love your video games.

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