Steps to Recover your Lost Your Yahoo Mail Password

There are many chances you would lose your yahoo mail / messenger passwords and would not be able to recover it. Here are some of the steps you need to perform.

Yahoo Mail LogoThe basic and normal procedure for recoving your password is to start with this page where you will be asked with your Yahoo ID and will need to confirm whether you have used credit card previously with this login, because if you would have used a credit card previously your account will be verified with those CC details without any charges. The next step would entering your identity details which you would have submitted while registering this yahoo account like Birthday, ZIP (or Postal) Code, and Country.

If the above information did not assist you, please attempt to request a new password. Remember that our team may not reset your password or remind you of your current password.

To request a new password:
1. Click on the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of the Yahoo! home page.
2. Enter your password.
3. On the Account Information page, click on the CHANGE PASSWORD link.

You will be prompted to change your password to something different. It is recommended your new password not contain any part of your old one, for security reasons. If you have followed the directions above, and are still unable to obtain a new password for your account or feel that your account may have been compromised, please reply to this email with the following information you supplied during your Yahoo! registration.

Yahoo Logo* Yahoo! ID (If you cannot supply this ID, please give your alternate
email address given during your original registration)
* Your name
* Date of birth (mm-dd-yr)
* Your alternate email address
* Secret Question and Answer
* Your city and state
* Zip Code or Postal code you entered during registration
* Your country

If the above solution does not work out , you may have to lose the email because the normally sold softwares which are used for recovering the password are all fraud and they cannot help you to recover the password. All these Yahoo Password Recovery Softwares are fake because none of these can recover the password from yahoo so dont ever buy them.

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  1. shijo thomas says:

    sir i am shijo thomas, i know my yahoo mail id and password, but when try to login it is asking some security question, since long back i have crated this i forgot these things, also i i lost my alternate hotmail email password. can you kindly please do any favor for me sir, if it is possible send the solution to thank you

  2. i forgot my password and dont have the answers to my security question any more, i have the alternate email address can you please send the resetting to the email because i cant have access to my facebook anymore… thanks


    Dear Sir,
    I forgotten my password and security question”s answer,my mail id is what should i do? to recovery of old account back just because in this id i have very important documents i already attached.So Sir i heartily request
    you please reset my password to get my old account my mobile number is 9879530459 and previously my mobile number was 9712981379.plz plz plz & plz help me.

  4. Lerato Moeketsi says:

    I have forgotten the answer to the first password security question when I try to access my yahoo account but i am certain that I am using the correct password. Please assist so that i can acess my account

  5. Sir
    I know my yahoo mail id and password, but when try to login it is asking some security question, since long back I have crated this I forgot these things, also I don’t have my alternate id. Can you kindly please do any favour for me. If it is possible then send the solution to .
    Thank you

  6. Muhammad Rahim Shaikh says:

    I forget my passward and other necessary questions to recover it. kindly help me

  7. my yahoo id long time not working .so many time i am try open my yahoo id . some mistake may be .allways needed my favourite uncle name .but i forgate my favourite uncle name .please help me . humbly i requiste to your people .

    Thanx & best Regard
    shahid ullah

  8. Dear,

    My mail id
    Password is 447620
    My mobile number :+60193089844

    please any way open my mail id .and what is my favorite uncle name give me in my mail .

    Thanx & Best regard

    shahid ullah

  9. My yahoo mail
    Is i cant recover my password. I lost the phone number that is registered to my acount which is 639165246769

  10. Suresh Kundamkuzhy says:

    My yahoo id is I can’t recover my password I lost thr phone number that is registered to my account which is 9544038772

  11. Amith sharma says:

    Hey its working.
    I never thought that i would get my password back.
    Thanks for the help

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