I guess many of you guys have got some wallpaper gallery websites or would have added images in their posts/content pages of your websites and you would be recieving good amount of traffic from google images. Well i do recieve traffic from google images which i need to monetise and make sure i dont lose that traffic.

Make sure you have installed all in one seo pack plugin for unique title and meta tags because these help you to have a better On-Page optimization on your webpages. Now lets talk about the wordpress plugin which iam referring to which can help you to redirect the Google images search result page directly to your blog’s page instead of the normal image result in a frame.

Lets say you made a search in google images for : Apple Office intending to search for some pics of Apple Office, when you click on the #3,#4 image result which leads to images hosted on this domain you will first be redirected to this page which will be automatically again redirected to the correct blog post on Apple office pictures

Iam sure this would make the visitor visit your website, giving them more interesting information and making them subscribe/bookmark your website and also may give you some income by clicking on the adverts on your blogs. This wordpress plugin basically breaks out the frame leading the visitor to the correct page where the image was initially posted.

Google Images Traffic Stats

Plugin Developer’s Page : Download Link

This plugin would be very useful because i have got several websites which recieve lot of traffic from Google Images and are just optimised for the same and i need the visitor to really visit my webpage for helping me in making some money. You should also try to interlink internal tags for making the pages rank in the top and the images posted in those specific posts also rank top in Google Images.

Images Traffic Stats

You can clearly view from my website’s traffic stats that the specific website recieves more than 90% of its traffic from Google Images and how this redirection can help me convert it and increase my revenue by 9 times.

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