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I have previously reviewed many programs ranging from PPC Programs to Affiliate Programs which can help you in making good amount of money everyday of your life and live a better life by becoming a six figure blogger. Recently while searching for more options i can through a CPA Program which offers you with different simple ways to Make Money. In this case the Signup is quite easy and once you login to the User Dashboard, you will be given access to a beautiful interface which has excellent setup options and detailed statistics.

CPA Paid Surveys

CPA Paid Surveys

First of all you need to visit the Widgets Section to get started. This is the section where you can generate codes for your website and install it. The company offers you with different options when you click on ‘Create New Widget’. It will ask you to Select a Category & Content Type – Digital Images, Videos, Music, eBooks, File Download etc and based in your sites content you need to select the right option, in my case i have implemented the ad code on a Tattoo Designs blog, hence i selected Digital Images option because the website visitors are visiting the blog for viewing different Images hosted on the Blog.

Monetize Your Premium Digital Images – With more ways to pay for digital images, this widget allows your visitors to earn your content without necessarily having to come out of pocket. To create this widget, select how the content will be delivered to your visitor after they earn your content. Monetization Suggestions are for Clip Art, Tattoo Designs, Wallpaper, High Quality Images, Website Templates etc. Next i selected a option of ‘Website Containing Digital Images’ option so that the visitors can get access to the blog once they complete any survey. You will get a excellent Wizard based Widget Generator which has easy and simple step by step process. Once you setup everything, you will be given with a code which you need to add in your header.php file in case of wordpress just before the </head> tag.

Sample Screenshot which gives you a idea on How the Surveys Screen would look like :

Paid Surveys CPA

Paid Surveys CPA

Also on the Dashboard, you have a option of Live Chat feature with all the publishers where the company would allow you to interact with each other and share ideas and get help from others. The surveys are displayed on the websites once the visitor visits it and then he gets access to the content once they complete any single survey listed from a group of options. In my experience the surveys are on an average of around 0.50$ which is a good amount of money, considering the ppc programs would pay quite less in case of content like Entertainment websites, Wallpaper based websites, Movies websites etc which are normally very hard to monetize. There have been reports that many publishers are making thousands of dollars every single day through these programs and there is a good scope if you are looking to make money through this.

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  1. Hi Amit!

    i registered there & got approval within 20mins, But the problem is i don’t wanna add surveys on my present site, can you help me to find any good niche to add these surveys other then movies & TV shows..

    • Amit Bhawani says:

      You can try it out on websites or content which you feel would not be available else where and people would be ready to signup for the surveys. This is the only way you can get the highest number of conversions.

      PS : Seems like you didnt like to signup under my referral link :)

  2. Veronica Dsouza says:

    Hi! I just signed up under you…………WOW………what a confusing website. How do I begin? or rather where? Can you help? I am trying to follow what you have written above, lets see how far I can go? But………still need help……..reading FAQ’s now.

  3. Veronica Dsouza says:

    I thought I would receive a reply from you. Have been trying to place the ‘widget’ on my blog, but, I am having a problem. According to their instructions, the code needs to be place between >head to head<
    On my blog, how can I do this? In the meantime, I am promoting the link in various advertising channels. Any suggestions? Please, need your help.

  4. Amit Bhawani says:

    Hi here are the detailed answers to all your questions – , you can reply there itself for other queries.

  5. infopediaonlinehere says:

    Nice to hear that we can make money out of surveys…let me give it a shot

  6. Wow very nice tips there are people who make thousands of dollars through cpa but its not easy..

  7. this is the best so ever website i have seen so far,thanks dude for info(s)

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