Google App InventorGoogle App Inventor is an innocuous looking, easy to use thing that you can make games with, upload audio, and in fact do practically anything with. It’s so useful that there are now some suspicions that Google have put it there as a sort of hint to developers and a useful way check if their apps actually run. It’s so convenient that you don’t even need counseling or remedial surgery and your computer repairs guys can plan their holidays.

Google App Inventor is at the very least fun. At its higher levels, it may be just what you need. If you’re a non-tech person it will also give you a good education on how apps operate, and de-mystify them for you.

Making money with Google App Inventor

Making money with the Google App Inventor depends on coming up with something great, and preferably viral. The good news, however, is that this thing is so easy to use that it’s like LEGO. The app elements are all slotted together (There’s a one minute video that makes it look like your cat can talk you into doing it properly.)

The truth about the “app for everything” saga to date is that an app has to have a sort of market appeal. It needs to be useful or fun, and preferably both. The recent $20 million Angry Birds game sale is a case in point. It’s not as though people actually go out of their way looking for apps about peeved pigeons or surly starlings, but when they find an app that appeals to them they’re all over it with or without computer support for backup.

So your app has to be:

  • Interesting, preferably like Bejeweled, or some other addictive game.
  • Fun, and more fun.
  • Easy to operate- This is the classic mistake of most apps. They shouldn’t need a degree in geomancy and applied astronomy to use.
  • Functional- your app should be 200% reliable, and that’s apparently what Google App Inventor has achieved. Nothing annoys people more than an app which doesn’t, well, app. Better to be app-less and happy than app-lumbered and irritated.

Games are the biggest things on Earth at the moment. A good game will get more appreciation than a cell phone app that performs surgery. They’re also a good way of playing around with Google App Inventor. You can experiment endlessly, and just have fun yourself.

To use Google App Inventor, briefly, go nuts, see what you can achieve. There are a few things you can consider while you’re at it:

  • What’s an app you’d really like to see?
  • What do you really need for yourself, like what sort of app would you like handy when you need it?
  • What are you really good at, and how would you make an app out of it?

Inventing things is really about talent and how you see things. Everybody’s good at something. Say you’re a plumber and you want an app that will give you a full plumbing schematic where you can add or subtract bits to that schematic. Useful? Yes. Salable? Very. Check it out, see what you can do.

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