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There are very less ways you can make money through your Twitter accounts at the moment, but with the increasing popularity of Twitter there are many options coming up for everyone, out of which one is TwitPub which offers you with a Premium Tweets service. Once you signup with TwitPub you will find a confirmation email sent to you which you need to confirm and then enter your login credentials to activate your account and login for the first time.

TwitPub Make Money TwitterNow let me make you understand the whole system – You make all your Tweets set to Private in your control panel which means that only the people who are following you are read your tweet messages and this makes them worth more because your discussions are not leaked in the public and its limited to a very limited number of people. Example you are offering some Insider Secrets or Tips on certain topic and you dont want everyone to know about these, then its better to ‘Protect Your Updates’ and make sure that only the people whom your approve are able to read it.

You need to submit your Twitter account login details along with Title, Description, About, Category & Tags with a Price which you can set on a monthly subscription. I would say a 1-5$/account is a decent price if you have a decent account and not a new twitter account. You will have to approve all the subscribers who have paid for following you and get paid for all the premium content you write at twitter.

On a look at the Twitter MarketPlace i found around 50 twitter users selling their ranging from business twitterers to travel ones. Lets wait and watch how many of these people get subscribers who are ready to pay for their tweets.

Twitter Make MoneyIf you like my Twitter Related Articles you can follow me at @amitbhawani . If you are new to Twitter, then this Twitter Guide can be helpful to you because it offers with all the basics of Twitter and how to get started becoming a member.

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  1. Thanks for the tips on how to make money online, there is always something more to learn.

  2. There are always things to learn about making money thank you

  3. Amarjit Singh says:

    How Twitter makes money? Is Twitter Really Profitable?
    “Please someone explain to me how this company makes money? i opened an account, tweeted once and then have not checked it in months. i keep getting emails every now and then saying someone i dont know is following me. what is the point??” Says by knowledgenavigator.
    Lets have a closer look..Twitter’s search deals with Google and Microsoft’s Bing brought in $15 million and $10 million respectively, and that Twitter has managed to cut some of the high costs related to text-message functionality. (These costs were so exorbitant that Twitter temporarily had to restrict some international SMS codes.) OK, cool. Those numbers are decently plausible, and Twitter’s strategic hire of a mobile business-development dude early this year likely had something to do with it. And Ante’s article makes it clear that while And Ante’s article makes it clear that while sources have told him that Twitter will end 2009 on a profitable note, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be profitable next year.
    What’s good news for Twitter is that getting $25 million out of search deals (if that’s indeed true) shows that the company could expand that into a stronger long-term revenue strategy.
    Here I suggest you, how yo use twitter so that you will get something worthy from it as I am getting. First don’t use the Twitter website, use one of the really good twitter applications like TweetDeck or Seesmic. Load it up and search on any subject you can think of that interests you and watch the flow of information role in. It’s called “real-time” search and it will give you the information you seek faster than waiting for an article to provide it.

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