Redirecting and Monetizing your Error Pages Traffic

Did you ever knew that you are loosing a lot of revenue / traffic from the error pages[400, 401, 403, 404, 500] and this can be monetized very easily. The trick is to first create a completely perfect version of your error page and upload them via the cpanel of your website.

Steps :
Just login to your Cpanel Account > Click on Error pages [With this tool you can create custom error pages to display when a user enters a wrong URL, an outdated URL or when the user is not authorized to access a specific directory of your web space. ]

You will be shown with 5 different types of Error Pages
400 – (Bad request)
401 – (Authorization required)
403 – (Forbidden)
404 – (Wrong page)
500 – (Internal server error)

Click on the 404 Error page Image link and you will be shown with a page like this :

404 Error Page Traffic

These are the options available to your for monetizing / using the traffic which hits to your error pages :

> Try to add all your designed HTML Page code here and save it, so it does not show a broken link when a visitor views

> You can just add couple affiliate banners on this Page which will be visible to the visitors who are going to view this page

> Show your sitemap page when someone goes to your error page so they can continue reading other posts/pages on your website.

> Redirect this page to your Homepage

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  1. Abdul Vasi says:

    This one is damn cool. Works wonder for me.

    Abdul Vasi’s last blog post..5 Smart Ways of Doing Business Today

  2. nice one buddy, never gave a thought to it.
    will definately try it in free time.
    thnax for the tip :D

  3. Redirecting a 404 page to your site map or home page is an excellent idea, but how exactly do you do it? Please can you expand this into a brief tutorial? Thanks!

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