Micromax 611U USB modem is a stand alone USB modem. It is the only stand alone open USB modem available in India. Which means that you can use any SIM in this modem and use it for browsing internet as long as the SIM has GPRS activated in it. I have tested it with Airtel Mobile Office, Aircel, BSNL and Vodafone and it works fine. Contrary to popular belief, all these leading services work in this device. Don’t bother asking the customer care, just set up the connection as directed and begin surfing.

General Features:
Quad Band(850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Supports EDGE (MS Class 10)
Auto-Install Software
Internal Antenna
USB 2.0 Form Factor
Supports USB Storage (upto 2GB)

Micromax 611U USB Modem Universal Wireless Data Card

Connectivity : Connection is through a standard USB 2.0 port like any other plug and play device. The modem has an inbuilt flash memory which autoplays on start to install the drivers and software to connect to the Internet.

Specifications : MMX 611U is provided with Class 12 GPRS and also Class 10 EDGE i.e. Upto 237.4 kbps data transfer speed. It has Quad Band(850/900/1800/1900 Mhz). No support for 3G though.

Card Slot : The USB modem comes with a slot for upto 2 GB Micro SD card. You can use the modem as an USB drive. There is a switch at the side which helps it to alternate between modem and data storage modes.

Messaging : You can view, send and receive messages while connected to the PC through the software provided. Its really easy to use. A green light blinks on the device whenever you receive a message.

Performance : On installing the driver, you are prompted to create a connection. Making a connection is very easy if you know how to set up a connection in your cell. If you are unsure, all you need to do is to copy paste the setting from the cell. Infact it comes loaded with setting for every major service provider in India and so it should not be problem. If you need to access advanced settings like header compression, data compression, dns, ip and so on you can do that through the software. On completion of setting up a new connection the device takes a few seconds to get the signal. It displays an EDGE symbol if EDGE is present in the area. Now you can connect and begin surfing. The software also keeps track of DATA usage which is helpful if you are on a limited plan. You will also be able to see the realtime speed of your connection, both uplink and downlink. The software is very stable and Micromax has done a good job in this.

At a price of around Rs.4000, this is a very good buy for anyone who wants to remain connected to the Internet on the go without the hassle of connecting the cell to a PC or laptop. Just buy an extra SIM and use it with the USB Modem. As this is an open Modem, you can also change the SIM to switch between different providers which is not possible if you buy closed CDMA Modems from the connection providers. Also you stand to loose the money you spend on CDMA USB Modems if they don’t suit you. So, in conclusion this is a good buy if you don’t care too much about speed.

Guest Article Writer : Debojyoti Pal is the owner of an Internet Marketing blog and has keen interest in technology and gadgets.

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