The MVP open days are one of the best days we could have in a year full of work because the type of networking, discussions, entertainment you experience is something you would have never guessed. Our MVP lead [Abhishek Kant] announced the dates and location of the event a month in advance so that most of the MVP’s can schedule their leaves, schedules and appointments. Following this we were given the agenda of the event along with the exact dates and time slots when the sessions would be scheduled.

Once the event started we all MVP’s gathered from all over the country at the hotel Ista which is one of the best hotels in our country giving a great experience for a holiday and also a business meet up since we spent at least half of our time at the Ista conference halls and the garden area.

Sessions :
Most of the sessions and their content are covered under NDA hence I cannot discuss more on that but I can still write a feedback on the same. Everyday in the morning we started off with a keynote followed by sessions and different events all round the date. Most of the sessions were divided into three main tracks ie Developers, IT Pro & Consumers tracks. Since we were from the consumers end we were having some sessions and discussions on the upcoming products and services from Microsoft which most of you would get a glimpse of the coming months.

Genuine software initiative was one of the best sessions because we were given a few insights and statistics on the current software piracy all around world. A shocking fact was that United States of America is the number #1 country in terms of piracy and we always thought that it was India in that case. Along with this we shared our suggestions on what specs should Microsoft take in order to increase the number of consumer licenses all around the world rather than just focusing in the enterprise and businesses.

Windows phone 7 was also another very interesting session taken by Ujjwal from the Microsoft India Development Center which has a dedicated team of 60 members in the Hyderabad office who are working on the upcoming apps and operating system fixes by MS. We did suggest them. Few changes on the UI and also got answers on few questions regarding the WP7 ecosystem.

Microsoft MVP Open Day

Graveyard Sessions :
These were some of the best sessions we could attend because these started at around 11:00 pm onwards every night and were more like open discussions where in you could discuss about anything which comes to your mind and debate with others on the same. We had many discussions on why Apple iPhone or ipad is better than windows phone 7 as a consumer point of view and got few matured and meaningful answers on why Microsoft is not looking to just fill their apps marketplace with apps and why they are slowly focusing towards developers.

Even though these sessions would start late in the night the audience was rarely found to be tired and everyone was excited in responding to the speakers and discussing on the active topics. We came to know about few very good Microsoft related product insights and also what the product teams were focusing on the for the next few months which is very important information.

Fun at Opendayin :
The fun at this event was at par with the kind of informative sessions we have had at these 4 days. I had earlier tweeted that had Opendayinphobia ie. Fear on what kind of event is and what would happen there but once I landed at the hotel and started meeting all the MVP buddies, I felt that there is no place which can be better than this, at least in the techosphere where in mostly bloggers are used for getting their products promoted and getting free publicity through their blogs or social media accounts. We were able to connect with few smart techies who have been into specific industries from several years which can give you a clear example of success by focusing completely on something continuously rather than on everything.

The audience was free and open to discuss about anything and everyone was seen exchanging their business cards and connecting with other MVP’s. Overall our time was spent well and the whole event was perfectly managed by the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Team from India.

Note : We had recorded the Microsoft Timeline – 1975 to 2011 followed by Internet Explorer History & Timeline. Do read more information on Microsoft Most Valuable Professional [MVP] Award & Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Program which can give you more insights on how you could apply for one. If you are missing my articles on Microsoft related technologies here, then check out Windows Total & Microsoft Office Club.

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