Mumbai LogoIn a world of convergence, mobile applications have become need of the day and so as the development of ever growing apps continue. Now, let’s look at a new mobile application which promises a true convergence by mobilizing all important day to day needs into one magical application which is a must have for every Mumbaikar.  What if you come across with an app which brings all information like Local time table of all the Railways (Western, Central & Harbour), BEST city transport Bus routes along with bus numbers, PNR status, simplified Mumbai’s Taxi and Auto fare chart along with Mega block information. If you are a Mumbaikar like me then you will understand how important the above mentioned information is! So, let’s check out what this application is and how you can get the same. The application which brings them all together is m-indicator and is currently available for mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, Symbian and also on Java powered phones. What’s more is that this application is totally free of cost

Features of m-indicator:

  • Mumbai Local train timetable (No GPRS Required)

Be it Western, Central, Harbour or even Thane – Vashi railway line, get the time table of every line on your mobile screen with simple and easy to understand user interface. Like i personally liked this feature’s simplicity like, first when you select Local Train time table after opening the app then first it will ask on which route you want to check the time table Western, Central, Harbour or Thane-Vashi and then if you select harbour, then next up it will ask on which way you wanted to Go, towards Mumbai CST or towards Panvel or Andheri. And the moment you select the one, the time table will be shown immediately without wasting in calculating and searching like other apps do. Like if now the time if 5:00 PM then it will show the immediate train time table after 5:00 PM rather than showing the timetable from morning.

Select Route Select Direction You are at

  • BEST bus route finder (No GPRS Required)

Again this category, BEST Routes too is very great as you just need to enter the source and destination and you will get a list of buses which ply on the given route. It would have been a complete if the app designer would have also added the bus routes for NMMT, TMT, KDMT and some other suburban transport route details.

  • PNR Status (GPRS Required)

If you are like me who travels very much through Indian Railways then you can track the current status of your PNR very easily. Just enter the 10 digit PNR number and the current status will be on your mobile screen within seconds.

  • Mumbai Auto & Taxi fare list (No GPRS Required)

Get Normal and Midnight fare table list with simple presentation and that too in a tabular format without needing to enter the meter reading.

  • Mega Block Information (GPRS Required)

Everyone knows that, in Mumbai every Sunday mega block takes place when trains stops operating between the select routes in both Central and Harbour line. It is very confusing as every week on one new route the work commences and this option in this app gives accurate details on all current mega blocks.

Download Details:

For Nokia, Sony & Others – JAR JAD,

For LG & Samsung – JAR JAD,

BlackBerry – COD and ALX

Android – APK & Android andme apk

Please note that for Android users you need to install both packages APK and Android and Me apk file from the above Link.

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